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Oct 23, 2012
Well I got my Reno underway. First was install 7 inch touch screen DVD radio replace all speaker, install pioneer amp and subwoofers under the jack knife sofa. Back up camera plugs directly  into the stereo.Purchased my 32 inch TV for the front to replace the old one and laminate floor will be going down in the next wk or so. First trip is for speed weeks in Feb at Volusia speedway in deland florida. Want the flooring down before then to aid in cleaning. I will post before and after pics of progress. Glad this forum is here to answer any questions I have in the next few weeks.Also I purchased a TV mount on ebay for 14 bucks same one in future shop 49.anybody have any direction on a good place to stop on I75 for tires, I want to replace the tires before I get too far down the highway. Will be crossing in Detroit.
2 tires are 5 yrs old and 4 are 10 yrs! I was doing some research and tires are not much different in price from Us to Canada so I'll be shopping around here for some ! I will def be tugging your ear when i begin the flooring install Ernie, and will be taking lots of pictures of before and after!
If you make it down to Macon Ga on I-75, highly recommend Macon Commercial Tire. That's where I got my Michelin's using the Michelin Advantage program. Saved a bundle that way. Also the tires they put on, the date code was the previous month.

Just came to me that one of my fellow firefighters, we have 19 stations he is on a different station than me owns a tire store. I'm going to see what kind of deal I can get from him.
Well I suppose any remodel dosenr come without setbacks. Upon removing the couch I spotted a tiny hole in the interior wall and upon closer inspection "ie poking at it the wall pretty much crumbled into a soggy mass of dust". Now after peeling most of the soggy mess up I have discovered that the window has a leak. What's the best method for replacing the interior walls? Once I strip the old wood off fix the leak and dry out that section I will tackle this. Amazingly the floor looks pretty much brand new under the carpet so I'm glad I didn't run into any floor rot. I will post pics shortly. Here are pics of the dreaded water damage.


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Here is the pics of the TV install! I assume the previous owner made this steel frame work for the TV I removed so i kept the frame work as it was very sturdy and attached my mount to it. All the cables are tucked away neatly and the trim that was originally installed went back on with out any problems. The cabinet doors open up with room ro spare as in the pics it looks like the TV is blocking them from opening.


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I purchased my flooring on clearance at the local home hardware and let me tell you what an ordeal. I figure I need roughly 100 square feet so  purchased 4 boxes at 25 sq feet per. In my head, at 99 cents per sq ft that's close to 25 per box. Well she rings it up comes to $36 so I point out to her that 99 cents per sq ft should be roughly 25. She goes back to check comes back rings it up again at $32. I explain again the math to which back she goes to check again. Comes back this time with a price of $15 dollars per box. I once again explain the math that this cannot be correct. She insists that its the correct sku numberand rings me up at that price. So i got my flooring at 60 cents a squarefoot. I even went back after being rang up and the flooring I had clearly was marked 99 cents per sq ft. Should I have argued the point again or was I correct in "after telling them 3 times it does not add up" to just take my 40 dollar savings and head for the door. :eek:
Most clerks are so dependent on the computerized cash registers and bar codes they can't do simple math any more.
Quick question for the experts. If the leaks were solved would it be possible to use 1/8 inch Masonite as the interior wall then it can be painted papered or panelled over?
Yeah going to remove the window replace the bottom frame and reseal it. The joy of used. Going to be done my wat I guess if anything positive comes from it. I suupose its better now then when i get my floors done.
Well I was a little stressed about this water damage but I think with the help of this forum I will have this home on wheels good as or better than new!
If you're heading south from Detroit, consider detouring to the Elkhart, Indiana area.  That's where the majority of US RVs are manufactured and there are several surplus parts and materials outlets in the area.  You'll likely find surplus luan paneling and whatever else you may need in your restoration.
Do you think wood style panelling would go with the laminate floor or would it be too much wood? Looking for some interior decorating ideas!
Also any idea how to tackle these stairs. The runners are for the piece that covers the hole.


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If you have enough material, use the same wood you purchased for the floor and just cover where the vertical meets the horizontal with corner trim.  You'll want to remove those two pieces that are designed to hold the "cover" and install them on the outside of the flooring, of course.  I know I've seen somewhere around here some work that EE does when he installs floors, on the entryway and it looks awesome.  Might wanna search his threads.

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