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Jul 27, 2006
Does anyone have any experience with the 2007 Lexington 300s?

Thanks to all for the opinions on the diesel pusher vs gas front and rear.? As I thought, sound is the biggest gain.? Saw the 2007 Lexington 300 today, and it's awsome.? A Class A in Class B+ clothes.? We just might forget the diesel discussion!? If anyone has any thoughts on this coach, send them on!
I looked at the Lexingtons, and liked the 235S floor plan. I found the same floor plan in a Coachmen Concord 235SO, which I and the wife, thought was a much better looking unit over the Lexinton. It was quite abit nicer, and had the heavier duty Ford chassis. We ordered one on friday, a Coachmen Concord 235SO. The 2007 Coachmens have a redesigned interior, which is not up on their web site yet, but is a nice improvement over the previous years.

I looked for the model you are asking about, which is not on the Lexington site. I know that Coachmen has a 300 model, is that the one you are asking about?
Hello there

A few things to consider before buying a Forest River Lexington. I have a 2007 Lexington 283GTS(full body paint).
A great looking unit that delivers over 12mpg pulling a 2008 Nissan Versa. That is the good news.

I purchased it in October 2006 and returned it in July of 2007 to Elkhart,Indiana for repairs. Two of the three slides
leaked, interior and exterior trim was missing. Forest River reinbursed me for hotel and car rental(no tow vehicle at that time)
but no meals or gas(1000 miles roundtrip). Upon my return the TV died and the Half-Time oven. Got both replaced
after some work on my part. Found and repaired a major LPG leak it looked like the pipe had been hack sawed 1/3 the
way through. In July(2008) noticed a musty and moldy smell and traced it to a leak where the awning is bolted to the
front of the RV. Removed the new TV(replaced it with a LCD) from the front of the entertainment center. Discovered
rotten wood and mold. The leak has seeped into the cab headliner and the ceiling above the dinette. I am currently in
contact with Good Sams action line to help resolve this problem. Notified Forest River but they never replied. They are extremely
hard to contact. If you check their web site there are no email addresses to respond to.

Pretty bad for a motohome not even two years old yet.
If diesel is important to you, the Gulfstream B Touring Cruiser is similar size & design and is available with a diesel in the Ford E450 chassis. I happen to know one of the members here is putting his up for sale too (getting a larger Class A). Contact me off the forum if interested and I will help you get in touch with him
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