Light Switch On Norcold Fridge Is Where??

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Jan 1, 2012
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Once again I must request assistance from those wiser than myself, since I haven't quite gone back to work yet I'm still in tinkering mode.

My plan is to install a circulation fan inside of my Norcold refridgerator.  Initially I thought about buying one of those little D cell operated fans but I'd rather have a more custom installation than just a little fan I have to change the batteries on once a month.  I read on the forum somewhere about somebody who had run the 12v  power for a box or muffin fan down the condensation tube to the exterior.  The thought of fishing wire through that tube and risking restricting the flow of condensation to the exterior isn't an option since we like to spend a lot of time in Texas (high humidity).  My thought is to pick up the "hot" side from the light switch and then ground to the interior light itself, here's the problem:

For the life of me I can't locate the switch that controls the interior light in the fridge!!  I know it's got to have one because that switch controls not only the light but the thermistor.  I'm thinking that it's not a mechanical switch as there is no plunger switch anywhere on the door frame, it quite possibly could be a magnetic sensor somewhere but I need a place to look so I don't wind up dis-assembling the fridge in an attempt to locate something that I'm not even sure is there.  I have pulled the on/off temp control box and there's nothing behind that except a plug that leads to the control switch.  If somebody could point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it.
Well.. had you posted the full model number of that fridge I'd likely have your answer for you (Since I could have downloaded the manual for it)  Which by the way I suggest you do, The exploaded parts diagram will show the location of the switch.

On my Dometic it's part of the lamp assembly,  But it has no control over the thermistor at all on a dometic so I do not know if it will help you.

Look around the door for a button or lever.. That's likely it.
John, as requested:

Norcold N811RT

I'm being less than successful in finding the diagram online.  Like I said originally, there just isn't any switch visible ANYWHERE around the door of this thing, it's like it magically knows the light is supposed to turn on when you open the door.  I know I'm probably over thinking this.
>>it's like it magically knows the light is supposed to turn on when you open the door.

Maybe it stays on ALL the time...  :)

Okay, I found it.  Sort of....

It's a proximity sensor that's located inside the selector switch box between the freezer and refridgerator doors.  There's at least five wires going into a circuit board plug and obviously one of them is the 12v hot lead but I'm gonna re-think my plan at this point in time.  The last thing I want to do is risk screwing up the input line voltage to a circuit board by bootlegging the line to run a circulation fan.  Also any wire that I brought off of this to power the fan would have to traverse the door seal.

I think I'll do as my wife suggests and go spend $15 on a purpose built RV refridgerator fan at the local RV supply store.
n7qvu said:
>>it's like it magically knows the light is supposed to turn on when you open the door.

Maybe it stays on ALL the time...  :)

(fly on the wall)

Mine is the same way you can crack the door open and see there is no light then a few more degrees of movement and POP! the light comes on. I've got the same type of fridge and does the same thing. No visible pin switch either. ???

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