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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
We are staying the winter in a not to be named park while I work camp nearby.  We were here for a month, then left for another short gig, then came back.  A little before we left a family with 9 kids moves across the street.  Physically, it was only 3 I think, but seemed like 9.  Cute kids but unsupervised and up and down the road on bikes, scooters, throwing a ball, usual kid stuff, but in front of cars and all.  We wanted a different site so we didn't have to witness something horrible.  I asked last night and they told me nothin until the 9th.  OK...

I went in tonoght to tell them my wife texted me today saying that family had left.  The clerks looked at each other and said,  that site, and high fives.  apparently we were not tho only ones uneasy.

I suppose they might be chastised for the happy dance, but it cracked me up,  a campground while made for fun doesn't mean to let the kids run wild.

Reminds me of when we stayed at another West Yellowstone park. Kids running unsupervised 'everywhere'; Nowt wrong with kids playing, but it was a white knuckle crawl in/around/out of the park, scared I might hit someone. Then, the small motorcyles that 'raced' along all the walkways in the park. The owner's response to comments was to slap his butt and say "kiss this".
We had one of the most miserable and awful neighbors move out the day after xmas from my full time campground.  All this lady did was complain and even complained when I moved in 2 spots to the right of her that I had the audacity to start my car at 7am to leave for work which woke her up early.  She claimed that every spot on my side of the campground was explicitly for retired people.

Everybody was all grins when we saw her empty spot.  I'm not heartless and I do keep her in my prayers that God fixes her situation so she can be happy again.

Our campgrounds biggest problem has been the cold weather.  My sewer drain is frozen solid and I'm hoping it thaws out soon so I can dump.  I did wrap it with about 50 feet of easy heat line to help so have my fingers crossed for tomorrow ;-)

Peace and Love!
I can't remember where it was, but I stayed in a similar crawling-with-kids campground.  One boy who was maybe five-years-old jumped out in front of my motorhome and held his arms up like a traffic cop to stop me! He was smiling and laughing at his joke. I was driving slowly, but slammed on my brakes and about had a heart attack!  The parents came over, and I then asked them to move all the kids so I could get by.  I did not budge until all kids were out of the way and visible.  Whew!

Worst neighbors was at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood.  Right across from me were two families in a big 5th wheel.  Two pickup trucks and two tents for 5 teenaged boys who constantly played ball in the roadway.  Two sets of parents slept in the trailer.  Also, did I mention the huge dog (Bouvier?) that they tied to a large bush near the road every morning at 6: 00 am so it could bark and terrify people walking past, especially the ones with small dogs?  The bush was at a roadway corner and the dog lunged and barked at everyone, scaring a lot of the walkers who did not see him until the last minute.  The nice, well-behaved beagle was tied to the camper steps. 

This was a campground with a limit of 10 people per site, which is about 4 too many!  And the campers were cheapskates who should have paid for two sites since they were two families. 
The ones I hate are the ones that decide to tune the engines on their cars that have no mufflers at midnight
I see it all the time at our place, and some of the little ones are way to young to be in the middle of the road unsupervised

Jack L
I have a pair of 40 inch air horns mounted under the front of my coach,,one burst and I would have blown is diapers off and sent him screeming to his mommy.>>>Dan
Oldgator73 said:
My wife keeps me on a tether while at the campsite so I don?t play in the street.

You may be tethered...But I bet you still get in trouble ;D
I never even thought to lean on my horn.  It is pretty loud, but I like the air horn idea!  It would have leave made an impression on the kid. 

One of the reasons this was so scary was that on the first trip I ever made with my grandkids, I was parking in a pull-through spot with my adult son in the back directing me to get in the right spot.  Then I looked down and about 2' in front of my Class C was my then five-year-old grandson doing the exact same "traffic cop" pose.  He was small for his age, so I could barely see him--very scary that I did not move without looking down. 

Kids and dogs scare me in campgrounds because they are so unpredictable.  They should NEVER be allowed to play in the roadways unsupervised, but I see them doing it all the time.

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