Looking at an R-Vision Class A ?

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Dave and Teresa

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May 15, 2005
We have been researching class a motorhomes for about a year now and just came across the R-Vision line and was wondering if anyone can give me any insight. I can't find much on-line about them  and very few dealers. All I know is that you get alot for your money!!!
Welcome to the RV Forum.? Glad to see you here and hope that you get the information you are looking for.? Personally I have never heard of the R-Vision line of motor homes.? What type is it - Class B, Class C, or Class A?? Hopefully others here on the forum are better informed than I am on this line.
Welcome to the RV Forum.? Glad you found us.
I have no experience or knowledge regarding the R Vison Motorhome.? I did do a google search and found some information HERE
.? Hopefully somebody will have more information.

The url in your message doesn't work when you click on it.

Oops! Now it does!? Strange but initially the code behind the "Here" was visible.? I went to it to see if I could modify it but decided not to mess with it as it all looked right to me.? When I came back to the thread, the code was not showing - just the HERE which did take me to the R-Vision site.

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