looking for a bicycle rack for my 5 er

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Mar 28, 2006
any suggestions/recommendation for a bicycle rack for a 5 er. My 5 er does not have a hitch receiver and I will only  be carrying one bike.
Two options... Do you have any kind of bumper at all back there?  They make bumper mounted bike racks designed to mount on a square or "L-Bracket" bumper.

Page 2 is do you have a bumper on the FRONT of your tow vehicle... Same thing there, slightly different mounting bracked

Option 3 is to have a 2"receiver installed on the Trailer nad hang a bike rack on that.

Options abound.  There are additional options that come to mind if you don't mind drilling into your rig, and if it can support the bikes (not all can and I('d not care to drill into it)
I have a square back bumper and a spare tire mounted on it...Barb, who make the unit for the ladder ?

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