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Jun 6, 2006
Hello Everyone,

Yes I am a proud newbie to this group and to the worl of RV's

I bought my first RV recenly and it is in need of a little work.

I believe it is a 1973 Winnebago.? It is old but has been well cared for and is great shape.

I am hoping someone on here can give me a name of a honest repairman in my local area that may be able to fix a few bugs on my newest endevour.

I live 40 miles east of Evanville, Indiana. or 1 1/2 hours from Louisville, Kentucky

Do any of you know of a repair man who does this stuff on the side maybe????

Can anyone point me to a resonable contact that may be able to help me out???

Hi and welcome to our forum. I.m not in Indiana, so can't help much there, but maybe some else can.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  While I don't know of anyone I can recommend I think you are in a good area to find a good repairman.  Good luck.
Beware if you should take it to Tom Raper RV.  they have 2 or 3 locations in Indiana, Ohio, and I think Kentucky. They are Bad News and Bad repairs.  EXperienced their work  1st hand.
I'm located in the Indy area. You are fairly close to the Camping World SuperCenter in Jeffersonville right on I65, they will install anything they sell and I've found them to be honest and reasonably priced.
Another excellent repair facility is Sullivans RV repair center in Decatur, IN, which is just south of Ft. Wayne in the northeast part of the state.
I don't know of any dealer I could honestly recommend in this area exept for maybe Indy RV, they are just south of Indy on US 37. They are honest but can take forever to get you in and sometimes they miss stuff.

If you could let us know what needs to be fixed maybe someone here can help you get it repaired.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Can you give me phone numbers for these places?

I need a/c and furnace repairs.

Will a local heating and air shop work on RV's ???
If so do you now someone who does this on the side???

You are great for answering my post so quick.

I thought I would get a email letting me know you all replied. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I am being told that my old Coleman furnace in my 70's model Winnebago is not repairable because they don't make parts anymore.

They say that I need a new suburban 30,000 BTU furnace. price around $850.00 installed.

Is this a fair price or does anyone else know of a better deal in the Evansville, Indiana area?

my number is 812-431-8044
Robert G. Skinner
$850 sounds like a typical dealer price. You can get them for less at online discount RV places, probably around $700 + shipping. Might not pay sales tax either.  But you might have a hard time finding someone else to install it if you can't "do it yourself"

Try this place as  a source for Coleman furnace parts or to buy a complete new furnace: Ducktec Parts

Here's another source in Elkhart: RV Salvage - Elkhart

You could also look for a Coleman furnace in the RV salvage yards. Parts & Salvage
I was going to suggest you pay a visit to Elkhart... I was just there.  I should point out that when in Elkhart at the salvage stores it pays to be in informed customer.  As the song goes "My mamma told me, you'd better shop around"  Some "Delas" are good, some are... Well, let's say not so good, but by visiting a few different stores and taking notes,,, You can get a good feel.

Sadly... I got to visit Elkhart again, my original equipment awning controller had a prt time problem,  So since the technician did not have one on hand they shipped me a brand new one... I installed it (Simple job) and guess what...

It fails 100% of the time (It is supposed to roll up the awning in winds of 18mph or more, not 18 seconds after you turn the sensor on.  At least they got the 18 right
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