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Feb 21, 2006
Planning a Spring Break Trip to Myrtle Beach.  Leaving right after school on Firday.  Would like to find a Wal-Mart for a quick sleep over on Friday night befor finishing the trip to Myrtle Beach on Saturday.  Looking for something along I-40 East between Knoxville and Asheville, or on I-26 Between Asheville and Spartanburg.  Any help for a wal-mart, loves, or a safe truck stop would be greatly appreciated.

I know the Wallydocking is a touchy subject around here, just looking for some information to help with our trip.  Thanks!!
If you buy a road atlas at any Wal Mart, the stores are indicated in the atlases they sell.  Also the FMCA atlas shows them.  If you are using a GPS such as Garmin, you can search for them. If you go to theri homepage, you can use the store locater.

The objection to using Walmart is due to people abusing the privilege by parking in a way to impede traffic, dropping levelling jacks, opeing slide outs and awnings, putting out lawn chairs and a bar b Q.

This type of behavior is a clear misuse of the privilege offered to RV travellers, attracts attention and eventually leads to the privilege to be withdrawn by local law enforcement authorities.

Some people have been known to dump their tanks in the parking lot as well.  It's the kind of behavior that gives RVers a bad reputation.

WalMart has a store locator on their web site.

I know the Wallydocking is a touchy subject around here

Only in the minds of folks who see the need to convince non-WMers that they're missing out on something.
My objection to wallydocking is Wal-mart. l I really don't like them much.

However you might try Flying-J  I currently get 2.5 cents per gallon off the price of gas because on my way west
I spent a lot of nights at Flying-Js and to thank them for allowing me to sleep over I made sure to purchase dinner and breakfast for 3, plus a few supplies, Gas, Propane, a few showers, that kind of thing.  Wally-World does not offer showers!!!!!
Most of the Cabela's stores have a RV lot and dump stations. The one in Sidney NE has a actual campground, but the others have a large lot just for RV's.
They actually like folks to stay the night!

If you have mapping software from any of the popular programs like Street Atlas or S&T, you can find a wealth of info at the Discovery Owners website.

They have files on all Walmarts, Casinos, FJ and practically anyplace where one can make an overnight stop.


Let me second Bob's suggestion of the Discovery Owners files.  The information they contain is invaluable when planning a trip.  It's all compiled by volunteers and Bob Cook supplies the web site and correlates the files for anyone to use.

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