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Dec 5, 2005
I am considering buying a piece of property in North Florida, about 5 acres on a small but nice river. The property has a very small (~200 square foot) house. To pay for it I would need to rent this out, but the house is too small to rent by itself. I believe it would be easy to put an RV hookup next to the house and rent the package of a small home and the RV space. The house would be kind of like a "docking station". Local zoning would limit me to just one RV or trailer, this would not be a regular park.

What do y?all think could this work? Do other people do this? Where do they advertise? What do they charge? How much should or could I ask for this? By the night, week or month? What amenities would I need to be sure and have? What would make this attractive to y?all and how would I get the word out?

I should point out that this is in a pretty remote area, not close to any real towns or cities. Is that a plus or a minus? The area is quite safe, but little known. The house is one room, a combination bedroom, living room and kitchen with a bath.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.
Hi Alligatorob,

I'm in north central Florida myself, about 15 miles east of Ocala.  We have a modest house (1200 sq ft) in a remote area for our home base and travel in our motorhome about 6 months a year.

I would think you would have some difficulty finding a good tenant for such a place, simply becasue it is remote and unknown.  And north Florida isn't so warm that snow birds flock there.  Since you appear to be looking for short term tenants, the obscurity and remoteness will be a continual drawback in finding renters.  If you were looking for a long term tenant, say a year or more, you might find someone like yourself who appreciates that sort of thing and that would work out. The drawback, of course, is that you couldn't use the place yourself.

I would be wary of potential renters who would not be reliable tenants and might trash place or stiff you on the rent. Low priced rentals in out of the way places tend to attract that sort, unfortunately.

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