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Sep 19, 2005
We own a Class A motorhome and tow our Jeep Rubicon and are searching for other RVers who like to do the off-road thing.  Would be fun to join up with others for some Jeep action. We are currently in the Palm Springs CA area, in the high-desert. Would also be interested in learning about Jeep Rallies if anyone has info. Thanks.

Paul and Debra


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Paul & Debra,

A number of our forum members enjoy off-roading and tow various off-road vehicles. Hopefully some of the folks will jump into the discussion.

Meanwhile, we have a number of discussions and photos here related to off-roading activities at our annual Moab, UT rally. Click here for an example.
WOW, Tom! The pictures of the MOAB, UT rally are awsome! When is the next annual rally? We are workamping (until spring ' '06 in 29 Palms, California, but work 7 days on and then have 7 days off. so maybe we can make the next one!  We are looking for a spring and summer workamping job in Colorado, but now - since seeing your pictures  we've decided to add UTAH as a possible work state on our resume'. Looks beautiful!

Paul and Debra
Paul & Debra

Click here for details of the 2006 Moab rally. The photos in the library are just a small sampling. Try searching on MOAB in the Search box above for photos attached to various messages.
Welcome to the forum.  There are several folks on the forum that do 4-wheeling.  Most do not have modified vehicles to do the really tough trails, but all tackke the intermediate trails.  We go off-road at both Moab and Quartzsite, AZ.  Your Rubicon is better equipped to do the tough stuff, but you have to be prepared to get it banged up a bit if you do.

We gather in Quartzsite the last part of January each year and then again the first of May in Moab.  Come join us.  I've attached a photo of my 88 Montero.



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bokelwheelestate said:
? Would be fun to join up with others for some Jeep action. We are currently in the Palm Springs CA area,  Paul and Debra

Have you been to Anza Borrego ?  It is the Largest State Park in California and it has  many neat off road trails.  We like to boon dock at Peg Leg monument and travel out from there.  We have a GMC Envoy and due to it's width we are restricted by some of the very narrow trails. We are needing an Anza fix. Maybe in early Dec.?
Paul & Debra,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  There are several of us that like to venture off road.  We usually have a off road trips while at the QZ rally and then at the Moab rally.  Sam & I usually get in a few trips in between.

New member here and I'm into the off road thing as well.  Although my 4x4 is off road only, it's more of a buggy than a car now...lol.  I've been doing the off road thing since 1999, new to the RV aspect of it though, but a few guys in our 4x4 club are picking them up.

I have a 88.5 Suzuki samurai (or whats left of it anyway), and I'm currently building a 1996 Geo Tracker for a more family friendly off road toy.
We also have a rubicon. We will be in Colorado in august and utah sometime in sept/oct. We also spend Jan and Feb in Lake Havasu. We offroad about 4 days every week in Lake Havasu in either the jeep or a Polaris RZR.  Always looking for new traveling partners as we seem to loose a few each year. The Colorado trip will only be the 2 of us and we need another jeep along on the offroad adventures.
PM if your schedule fits any of the above.
I'll be in CO, UT NV, AZ NM June and July this year have a Wrangler, looking to do off road travel. Just send reply or email
In 2012 there will be a 'mini rally' in Moab May 13 - 19.  Great place for off road.
I have an 1985 CJ-7 that is not a rock crawler, but I do enjoy back roads.  I plan
to pull it out there and enjoy the country for that week.

This would be a good time to join the rally.  You can find a link on the Rally's Shows & Events
section of the RVForum Home Page.

I may purchase an 18' car hauler trailer to move my CJ on so I can also bring my Harley to
ride the roads with in that area.  I have done that before and they are fabulous.

Come join us.
Note: The FMCA 4 wheelers have a rally in Moab the week before the Forum Rally. If you are doing 7 on and 7 off, you should be able to make one of them.

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