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Jun 27, 2005
I am looking at a Fleetwood Windsong 03 model, I am new to the RV scene. It looks great but whats the quality levels of Fleetwood products. Any info would be helpful.
i have a 2005 Fleetwood Revolution that i am more than happy with
we have had a few problems but mostly minor and if i had a full toolkit
i would have fixed most myself.We like the quality of or rv and have friends that
swapped from Fleetwood to a Tiffin and he wont admit that the Fleetwood
had a better feel to it (but his wife did)
Fleetwood is a huge company, with numerous brands and models of RVs as well as manufactured housing.  They participate in nearly all price brackets and thus produce models with widely differing levels of quality and amenities and offer different levels of warranty  and customer service.  I'd say that Fleetwood is "average" overall. 

Unfortunately, the Rv industry is not known for consistency of quality in any brand, regardless of price.  There is a chance, perhaps as high as 5%, that any new Rv you purchase will require numerous repairs in its forst year or so and it can be very frustrating.  Many people buy used just for that reason.

Hi ScottD

Notwithstanding being a Brit and not in a position to start my RVing for a couple of years,  I bought membership to the RV Consumer Group and got their CD Ratings. This has been a great source of information for me. I thoroughly recomend it.

The ratings CD recommend that one should not consider a MH with a ratings value of less than 75%.

The 2003 Windsongs, have ratings as follows
Value      : between 62 and 67%.
Reliability : 64%
Highway Control : between 42 - 92%



I once had a 30 foot Fleetwood Wilderness trailer (my son owns it now) that I traded in this year.  I was VERY happy with it and also with Fleetwood HQ.

Ukrver makes a good point.  But keep in mind the service he is using has a very small sample size.  It can still be very helpful, especially if you do not make your decision by it, but use it to become more aware of issues and things to look at as you zero in on brands.

I found the most valuable help I got was test driving as many makes and models as I could, and then asking questions by the millions to dealers and owners.  The owners here are especially knowledgeable and VERY patient with questions.

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