Looking For RV With Only A Bed, Shower, And Toilet

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Aug 18, 2019
Hello everyone -

I just registered for this forum so I'm new.  I would like to purchase a nimble van or Class B but I don't need a kitchen.  Something about the size of a Ford Transit 350 or Roadtrek.  All I need is a double bed, toilet, an inside shower, and a small closet to hang clothes.  I don't need a fridge, oven, extra seating, or counter space.  Ideally, this vehicle would have a large water tank and multiple AC plugs for computers and other portable appliances.  I would only use this vehicle a couple of days per week and it would take the place of rental cars and hotel rooms that I rent regularly.  My budget is probably $30,000 for a used vehicle, but I'd like to pay a lot less.  Has any manufacturer made a stock vehicle equipped like this, or would I have to find something that was custom made?  I can purchase this from any state and have it shipped to Southern California.  I will appreciate any tips or suggestions for locating something like this. 
I'm guessing custom. You might consider finding a rig you like, then removing the items you don't want, sell them, then have a cabinet maker fill in the gaps with cabinets that address your planned use
Two options  Scott gave you one

Option 2 is buy a basic van and customize to your specifications  Now since you said Double bed Toilet and shower.... And I assume a desk.

Bed in the back
Toilet and shower on Driver's side (Do you want onboard water storage?
desk anywhere and you can use regular house type bed or build a custom.. Cloths closet and dresser (Drawers) wherever you find room.
I can see where you might want a counter or table on which to use and store your electronics.  We also have cabinets in which to store all the electronics accessories while driving (cords, wi-fi stuff, phones, printer/paper, etc.).  In addition to hanging clothes you might need some drawers for sox, underwear, tee shirts, etc.  In the bathroom you might want a drawer or shelf for cosmetic items like comb and brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, maybe some first aid things, etc.  You need to have places to store things when you're moving or you'll have stuff flying all over the place!  I guess what I'm saying is not to be short-sighted and thus end up needing more than you currently believe you'll need.  You might be better off finding just a basic low-end RV that will have what you need but not a lot of extras.  Maybe you need to have some lists of things you normally travel with such as a laptop and everything that goes with it.  A basic RV might have more resale value than something like you've described.  By the way, most hotel rooms have things like TVs, coffeemakers, and mini-refrigerators as well as towels and bed linens so you'll probably need those things too.  Do you always eat in restaurants?  You might want at least a microwave to heat some of the many products that are now available and that means you'll probably want some minimum dishes, glassware, eating utensils, etc. which will require cabinets and/or drawers.

you need tanks for water or a hook up.  Where will you empty grey and black tanks?  Is this a mobile office?  What about resale?

I think you might find a kitchenette to be quite practical. 
I really doubt what you are after exists, as many conversions vans have minimal kitchen setups without bathrooms, not the other way around.  Probably the closest you are likely to find is a model with a mini-fridge, microwave, and maybe a 1 burner stove.  Also don't expect to be able to get a Class B shipped, you might e able to higher a delivery driver, though since delivery drivers are required to have a CDL chances are you would save money by flying to wherever you buy and drive it back yourself.
Thanks for the comments, everyone.  I only need this for three or four years so I am already rethinking a few things.  Not only will there be more selection with a kitchen I don't need or want, but the resale is a consideration and I will save money in the long run by having a standard interior.  This will make shopping a little easier.  Thanks again.
In my experience with doing a little research on Class B RV?s they seem to be very expensive. Used Class B?s can cost upwards of $80,000+. I have also priced new and used Ford Transit vans. For what you want a medium or high roof, long wheelbase would probably be the best choice. These vans come in two configurations; passenger and panel. Depending on what options you get these vans can cost as much as $50,000+. A used late model Transit can run $25,000 upward to $40,000. Then you would have to have it retrofitted for your needs which could $10,000 or more. I would think a late model small Class C would fit your needs. You don?t have to use the kitchen apparatus. You could probably stay pretty close to your budget.
I agree.  It sounds like a smaller Class C would fill your needs better than a Class B which will be more expensive.  Keep in mind that just because it has things you don't need doesn't mean you won't use them eventually.  Some RVs have minimal kitchens so you can fix occasional snacks if that's your style.  Who knows, there might come a time - such as an awful rainy day when you're not at an employer - when you might want to fix your own lunch whether it's a sandwich or something warmed in the microwave.  Thank big!  ;D

IF,,, by chance a manufacturer actually made an RV that matched your desire,,,,,,where do you think the market would be.????>>>Dan
I had a van camper with a small kitchen that I used for a couple of years to commute from San Francisco to my home north of Santa Rosa (approx. 65 miles) in the Bay Area's horrendous traffic.

I was usually able to time my commute around peak traffic times.  But if/when traffic came to a halt, I'd pull over at the next exit, make myself a simple meal and listen to music or read a book (pre-mobile Internet) until the traffic started flowing again.  I'd usually get home within a few minutes of someone who spent the time slogging through the stop and go traffic.

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