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Oct 16, 2005
Hi everyone...I'm not new to RVing...but have not had an RV for a long time.  I'm looking for a Toyota RV if I can find one...with low miles, good condition and a reasonable price.  A "friend" of mine just bought one out from under me on ebay...so much for that one.  If you know of one, please let me know. 

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Are you looking for a Dolphin motorhome on a Toyota pickup chassis? They had a bad reputation because they were overweight, or close to it, before adding people, food and water.

I can't suggest anywhere better than Google to find one of those RVs.

BTW I changed the subject line and moved your message so you'd get a better chance of a response.

I have heard all the bad things about Toyota chassis motorhomes, however, I have a friend who has one and his experience is the opposite.    It is the last year they made them, I think "93 or "94.  He has had excellent service from his, has been back and forth across the country several times.  Has never had a tire problem with it, gets around 17 mpg.  I notice in my travels that there are a lot more of them in the west than in the east.
Good to hear that positive report Jim.

Another caveat with that motorhome - it doesn't have separate grey and black tanks. The way our friends described it, if they took a shower, unmentionable stuff came up from below.
I saw one today.  a Rockwood on a Toyota chassis.
It is located in NE Iowa. If you want me to check it
out for you just let me know.
It's forsale on a used car lot.


There was a recall on certain models for defective (under-rated) rear axles. Check to see if your prospect has had that fixed.
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