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Jan 3, 2006
Hello All,
I am new to this site and fairly new to RVing. I currently have a Jayco 10 ft Tent Camper and I am looking at trading in for a TT.  I have a 2 questions. First I am looking at the new Shamrock 23RS with the Hard Slide queen bed out the back. I have done quite a bit of research and this seems to be the most trailer for the weight. You get a queen bed on one end with a double and a bunk above on the other end with dinette and love seat and of course shower and bathroom. It seems like you are getting a 27' trailer with a 20' weight which is great. (3536 dry, 4930GVWR) The price however is like a 27" being approx 25,000 (Canadian)
Anyway my first question is Does anyone have this trailer or something like that with the hard slide out what are you opinions on it?
Second Question - I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier for a TV which has a 5000lbs towing capacity, I know this truck will work to pull the TT, however does anyone think that TT is to big for my TV. Thanks for the advice, Great Site. :)
I think I can answer your second question, although others may have a different viewpoint.

I had a 20 ft. TT (no slides, about 3900-4200 lb. loaded) and I pulled it with a Toyota 4Runner that was rated for 5000 lb towing. I found that the TV simply wasn't enough in windy conditions, when big trucks passed (both situations caused sway to the point of making us both very nervous) and in the AB/BC mountains. We drove from Little Fort on Highway 5 to Highway 97 near Williams Lake and the entire climb was in first gear.

In short, I would recommend a bigger TV for both peace of mind and safety. If you do decide to buy the TT, make sure you get a good anti sway system. I recommend the Hensley Arrow.

John B.
Second Question - I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier for a TV which has a 5000lbs towing capacity, I know this truck will work to pull the TT, however does anyone think that TT is to big for my TV.

I do.  In another message you state that you are in Northern Manitoba.  If you plan to head west ever, you will be in trouble.  We usually figure that 10% headroom be allowed on a tow rating vs. trailer GVWR.  15-20% if you are going to tow in the North American mountain west and Pacfic coast where you will encounter 6-9% grades and 7-8000 foot passes.  (Figure to lose 3% of your engine HP for each 1000 feet over sea level.)

You will do enough 1st gear climbing over 10-20 miile long mountain passes, you do not want to do that climbing with your engine over heating  and come down the other side over-heating your brakes.

Like the truck?  Get a smaller, lighter trailer with no slideouts --  other than the soft sided bed slideouts of hybrid trailers.  Even then be sure to get a weight-distributing hitch system with sway control.

Hi RollinsBC, the first time I saw your handle I assumed you were from BC and replied as though that were true. Now I see you are from Ottawa, so apologise for any confusion.

Regarding your question on brand names, yes it is very general and hard to give an answer. A lot of folks have been down on Thor Industries in my reading because Thor bought a lot of brands and enforced standards some people felt were below the original brand standards. I'm sure though, that having said that, all kinds of people are going to say I'm wrong and their Thor manufactured unit is the best thing since sliced bread.

Wanna get more specific for us? Are you looking at economy trailers? light weight only? From your posted on Jan. 5 I'd guess that's the area. Please let us know so we can help.

John B.
Hello Brad!

As John suggests, a bit more information about the use you will give your travel trailer will help narrow down comments.? Are you planning to tow, and if so over what distances and how often?? Are you planning to park in a seasonal RV park?? Why are you considering a travel trailer as opposed to a fifth wheel?

BTW, to avoid confusion on the message boards, please do not post duplicate messages on the Forum. 

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