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Jun 12, 2005
Hello everone,

My name is Jason and I was looking for feedback on RVs because I'm wanting to buy and I found you guys!!!! What luck!  I'm currently in Wichita, Kansas.  I'm a photographer by nature and a wood finisher by trade.  I'm 32 yrs old and want to live in an RV and use it as a base of operations for my photography when I have time off from finishing.  Hopefully in the future I'll be able to travel and photograph full time but for now part time shooting is all I can do.


Welcome to our forum. Glad you decided to join us. I see you're already finding your way around and have posted a question on one of our message boards.

Welcome to the RV forum!  You will surely get some valuable insights here from our Forum members on your search for the right RV.  Post your query in one of the RV sections, regarding questions on Motorhomes or Fifth Wheels or Trailers, asking the questions you want to know.

Because our message boards are threaded,  in order to keep the discussions on a particular subject together, don't post the same question in more than one place, but do feel free post as many different questions in whatever Forum section you wish.

We'll be looking forward to your participation in the RV Forum!

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Feel free to ask any questions relating to the RVing lifestyle that you may have.  There is a lot of knowledge and experience among the members here that we are willing to share.
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