LP Detector Exhibiting Flakey Behavior. Any ideas?

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.

In our 1993 Wanderlodge, the LP gas detector has been sounding off
lately. When that happens, I go out into the kitchen to check. But I
can't smell anything amiss. That stinky smell of a propane leak isn't
present. Sometimes the detector goes off for about 5 seconds then
stops. This happened at 1 AM Wednesday. Between 1-2 AM, it sounded
about 4 times.(didn't wake Jack up though!) Last night, around 9 PM it
went off again. We waited to see if it would stop but it didn't. Jack
turned it off for the night. At 11:15 AM, today, I turned it back on. The green light is on.
This behavior is occuring more often in the last 4 months. Jack is
wondering if the sensor of the detector is failing. As far as we know,
this detector is original to the coach.

Any ideas as to how we troubleshoot this annoying problem?

I had a problem with the detector on my 93 Pace Arrow a few months ago. I went off and shut the gas off. I was without gas for the whole weekend we were gone. After reading the owners manual and talking to a couple of repairmen I found out that a low battery condition can effect it as well as a gas leak. Test is to turn off the gas at the tank and then turn the detector on, if it goes off then the detector is faulty. It's also possible that you may have a loose or corroded connection within the wall where the detector is mounted. I removed mine, checked all of the wires, and reinstalled it. It then worked fine and has ever since.
Like any other electronic appliance, a detector can go bad. They are not expensive. If I had further trouble with mine I will replace it.

Sometimes disconnecting the LP detector from the power source for about 20 minutes resets the circuit board and cures odd ills.  While you have it disconnected, follow Woody's advice and check for corrosion and clean connections.
In additon to electrical problems (beenn there - finally ran a new power wire to it), the LPG sensor on a detector can become contaminated. Common causes are hair spray and fumes from house hold cleaners (spray or otherwise).  Some of these things are sticky or oily enough that they collect on the surface of the sensor, either changing its sensitivity or flat out ruining it.  It doesn't take much. There is no fix except to replace the unit.
Howdy, Y'all.
Thanks for the replies to my query. Jack is going to check the unit for dirt, hair, corrosion, etc. I'll let you know what happens.  ;D

>>In our 1993 Wanderlodge, the LP gas detector has been sounding off

REPLACE it....they don't last forever.

At Yuma,AZ
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