LP Gas system shuts off during trip

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Dec 21, 2006
??? what would cause the LP gas system to shut off.  Coming into dallas on Monday .( the interstate is a bouncy road and rough ) the LP system shut itself off.  Nothing will work.  i have reset the Electronic switch several times, but no LP will flow to anything, frig, furnace or Stove top. the tank shows Full.  I noticed no leaks prior ot this.  I have noticed none since.  My brother in law who knows alot about stuff, says that it probably is the LP gas detector being over sesnsative..Can we bypass this....we looked at it but it is a micro circuit board.  this is a 03 neptune diesel. with a two stage LP regulator system with an electronic on off switch...worked fine the day before ( stove, furnace and Frig ) before it stopped but it had acted up before for no reason with time and reseting the electronic switch would seem to set every thing ok.  can you bypass the detector to see if  that is the problem ?  Some advice. 

Is the alarm sounding when the switch operates? If not perhaps there's a problem with the board controlling the switch. If you do get an alarm something inside the coach is causing it to operate. Also you may just have a bad switch.

You probably can bypass it but it's not a good idea to leave it that way. There usually is an electric valve at the output of the tank. I'm not sure if it's a lack of power that operates it or supplying 12V and ground. You could try disconnecting one lead and see what happens. Again, PLEASE DON"T LEAVE IT THIS WAY!!!
First a word of caution: Before even thinking about bypassing it, eliminate all other possibilities. Now a few questions. Where you traveling with the engine running when it shut off? If so, how did you know that happened; did it alarm or start chirping? The first thins to check are the connections. Corrosion or vibration can be the culprit. Check the connections at the solenoid first - they're more exposed to the weather and road vibrations. Then check the plug or screw connections at the detector. Those things can be very sensitive to things like alcohol, cleaning solutions, any pressurized spray stuff like hair spray or room deodorizers, etc. Were any of those in the immediate area when it happened?
Karl said:
The valve is held open (gas flows) only when it gets power. Failsafe.


I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. Had a lot of those circuits in the phone company.

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