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Apr 25, 2005
Hi Guys

We need to get a macerator for when we return to the UK.

I understand we basically have 3 choices :-

1. Basic macerator pump & hose - shown HERE and costing $100

2. "Remote" macerator & hose - shown HERE and costing $200

3. Sani-Con macerator & hose - shown HERE and costing $350

Here's where I need your input - given my 100% lack of technical know-how.......

Option 1 states the following :-

Grinds toilet tissue and waste to 1/8? or less. 12 volt dc, 12 gallon per minute discharge rate, will lift 5? into pump and discharge 20? above the pump and over 175 feet through a 3/4 inch hose (not included). Accepts 3? sewer inlet hose and 1? outlet hose. 4 minutes to empty a 48 gallon tank. Manufactured by Jabsco. Fits Model 5800, Model 9501 OEM. Base Mounted. Impeller slot for manual rotation.

Firstly, it states that you use a 3/4" sewer hose but that it accepts a 1" outlet hose?
Secondly, this system needs to be wired into the RV electrics so would one of the other options work out cheaper (as I have to pay for it to be done).
Thirdly, what Amps etc does this type of unit use, and does it have a bigger initial draw (our UK supply will be limited to perhaps 20A).
Finally, where does the 3" sewer inlet go as there doesn't appear to be anywhere to connect it.

Option 2 states the following :-

12 volt DC, fused, lifts 10 feet high, 50 feet away through 3/4 inch water hose (not furnished) handheld on-off switch, carrying case included.

As it doesn't really tell me anything I guess the previous 4 questions would relate to this too.

Option 3 states :-

An easy twist on installation that is only 8 3/4" inches long to the nearest obstacle and includes a gray water bypass when you are sitting at a RV park site with a sewer. Just pull the included wire kit with switch, 20 amp breaker, wire, and wire terminals to the power source such as your coach batteries or any 20 amp or higher 12 volt dc circuit.

The telescoping nozzle and discharge hose will reach 10' away to the RV sewer and coils easily for storage. You can add the 21' retractable hose and save the 10' for later use. See the 21' retractable hose elsewhere. Get all the benefits of the RV Sani-Con with this lower cost version. Lifts 20 feet above the elevation of the pump. You can add a true 3/4" water hose to the nozzle end to extend the length of run to the sewer or dump station up to 250' away. Make sure the female hose thread is 3/4" or larger so it won't overheat the pump

This does seem to be a better option as we will be using a macerator 100% of the time - but does it justify the extra price - especially as we will still have to hard-wire the system?

As with the other two options, could anyone answer the questions for this one too please?

In an ideal situation, we would want the following :-

1. Able to pump minimum 50ft thru a 3/4 inch hose.
2. Simply plugs into an existing electric outlet in the utility bay.
3. Simple twist-on fitting onto the sewer outlet.
4. Ability to empty grey tank without having to run the macerator.
4. Low energy use.

Any ideas which would work out the best ??


I purchased both 2 and 3. 2 was a problem and I returned it. It over heated and continually had to be reset. 3 worked flawlessly. BTW- the low cost way to get the sani-con is to call them.  They sell to OEM's and to not screw up their MSRP pricing they have to advertise at the higher price. Also, because of some price limits imposed by FMCA they must sell sans the hose to meet that price. However, the best deal is to purchase the full setup from them by phone.
I agree with Bluebolood.

I also have the Sanicon, Option 3.  I called the guy on the phone and he was able to give me the OEM price.  The instructions are easy to follow and all the materials are provided.  I had mine up and running in 10 minutes.  However I had 20 amp 12 volts available right at the utility bay because I put that in as a special order at the factory.  However, it should not be hard to run a heavy duty 12 volt line.

The extra cost is worth every penny.  This baby will pump 250 feet distance and 20 feet elevation.  I can personally attest to its strength because I had a Robin Williams experience the first week I owned it.  We went to a state park and on the way out at the dump site I forgot to remove the screw on end cap.  Fortunately no one was at the dump site other then us.

I fired that baby up after placing in the dump hole.  Like an idiot, after I saw the hose begin to pulsate, I realised the little screw on end cap was still in place so I began unscrewing it with the pump running.  It shot off the end like a bullet and I suddenly was holding a high pressure sewage sprayer in my hands.

Wow that baby puts out some OOMPH!

I also like that the hose is collapsible and takes up a very small storage area.  The entire setup comes in a box no larger than two 6 packs.  IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY and is the Rolls Royce of macerators.

for fulltimers it is a godsend.  We visit with many relatives and friends.  Since we use no chemicals at all, just the same RIDX that goes into sceptic tanks, most people allow us to dump into their sceptic.  Problem is many of the septic locations are up a hill and/or considerable distance away.  No problem.  Just get a hose extension and fire away.  I will never own another RV without installing a Sanicom.

I have option 2 installed in the sewer bay. It's the same macerator pump that Sani-Con uses, but I think their hose is a ripoff at $80. I use a garden hose that I cut to 35 feet. The equivalent hose with Sani-Con would cost $160 instead of $80, bringing your total cost to $430 based on your prices (the first length of hose is included).

Here's a photo of mine.

Don't buy option 1 because it doesn't have a way to connect to the sewer outlet on your coach.
Thanks Guys


- does yours just plug directly into a power socket or need to be hard wired in ?
- can you empty the grey tank bypassing the macerator or does it have to go thru the switched on macerator ?
- on the picture HERE what is the blue coloured outlet/inlet - and if thats the sewer outlet then what is the black one?

Just looked at the pdf file for the flojet - it looks like it only has a 2 blade cutter (not sure of the others) - would that make the motor work harder to chop than a 4 blade cutter ?


UK-RV said:
- does yours just plug directly into a power socket or need to be hard wired in ?

It came with a plug and socket. I merely wired the socket back to the batteries (via a fuse) and leave it permanently plugged in. There's also a switch in the circuit that I located higher up in the bay (away from water), but it's not visible in the photo.

can you empty the grey tank bypassing the macerator or does it have to go thru the switched on macerator ?

Simple answer - no. The places I use it usually require the pump to provide lift, so there was no advantage (for me) to have a bypass. However, I can see why it's desirable for some folks.

... what is the blue coloured outlet/inlet - and if thats the sewer outlet then what is the black one?

The black one is the sewer outlet (I had the hose removed when I took the photo). The other one is for backflushing, although I don't use it.

For clarification, I originally bought this macerator as a "portable" one sold by Camping World in a carry case. It was intended to hook directly to the main sewer outlet in the bay, but there's no enough room because of the way that my bay is laid out.

The 2-blade cutter is the same one used in all ITT Jabsco macerators.
You can use the portable pump with a short length of sewer hose to the drain valve outlet. However, you need a real heavy duty hose so that pump suction won't collapse the sidewalls. The RV Sanicon website sells a short sewer hose especially for this purpose - it's available in 24 and 36 inch lengths. It is used either with the portable pump or a permanently installed pump with insufficient clearance for direct attach. I suspect most any extra heavy duty sewer hose (18-24 mil thickness) woud do the job, though.

Using a detachable pump you can always dump either the gray or black tank without use of the macerator.

Some friends use the portable pump on their trailer occasionally. Current draw is high when pumping longer distances (50-75 feet) through a 3/4 inch hose and it gets hot and sometimes blows the fuse as well.  Once when he kept blowing fuses and couldn't get his tank emptied, I came up with the idea of adding a "Y" to the hose and paralleling two 3/4" hoses for the last 25 feet of the run. This reduced back pressure enough so that the pump ran without popping any more fuses.    I recommend the use of 1" hose as much as possible.

I have to disagree with Tom regarding the Sanicon hose.  It is what I especially like about the Sanicon.  It comes FREE with the package you mentioned in your initial message.  It also includes a pressure release sewer fitting that fits right onto standard sewer inputs.

I think Tom was referring to replacement costs of the hose.  Again, you call the guy on the phone and you get oem price's, not the price Tom is quoting.

You would still have the same option as Tom's unit if you replaced the FREE Sanicon hose with a 3/4 inch garden hose.  I like the Sanicon hose and am considering getting Sanicon extensions because they are so collapsible.  Have you ever tried to stuff a heavy duty garden hose into your bay?

Also the macerator is a MODIFIED jabsco.  It comes complete with a fitting for your motorhome, AND a water bypass so that you can leave your gray water open if desired.  You DEFINITELY are NOT wasting the extra money on the Sanicon.  I spent a long time researching all the alternatives and now have almost two years use of the Sanicon behind me.

OH, another factor... this company is owned by the guy who answers the phone.  Unless his wife answers. 

He is a terrific customer service kind of guy.  He also has an interesting history.  He initially was a boat owner and wondered why RVs did not have macerators.  So he made one for himself.  Everywhere he went (and this happens to me too!)people asked him about the macerator.  Some of them asked him to make one for them.  As fast as he could make them he gave them away.  Finally he decided to make ten of them and see if he could sell them at a rally.  He sold out the first half hour.

Now he has contracts with major manufacturers, including Tom's Monaco.  Also safari and someone else.  Newmar is planning to go with them next year.

In my opinion what you buy at Camper World is a toy compared to this baby. Jeff Cousins can attest to the conditions I was pumping under when he camped with us in Montana.  I had to travel 100 feet and up a 10 foot incline.

This is one of the best RV products I ever purchased.  The only downside is that you do get your hands dirty if it ever jams.  That has happened to us twice, and bot times because someone flushed the wrong thing down the toilet.  The fix took 5 minutes, but I still hate fooling with sewage.  ;D  The next woman who flushes her sanitary product down the john can fix it herself.  Just kidding!  ;D  (Admiral made me say that!)
Smoky said:
I have to disagree with Tom regarding the Sanicon hose.

I don't think we're disagreeing Smoky. The Sani-Con hose is superior to any garden hose, it's just expensive to buy separately. I'd already purchased the macerator before deciding it would be nice to have the Sani-Con hose, so it was an $80 addition to what I already had.

It comes FREE with the package

I mentioned that too  ;D
LOL Shayne. How come Smoky didn't know that? Maybe when Sharon gives him some bumps on his head to match the ones your received, he'll remember  ;D
Heck Tom  I hurt just thinking about it.  I got Audrey AKA The boss  buffaloed now  I do exactly what I want when and where I want.  Just as soon as she tells me what , when and where.
LOL Shayne.  Sounds like we both follow Ron's advice and have the last word - "yes dear".
I have used a macerator on and off for several years.  Have two of them now.  One thing I found was - every once in a while you want to do a dump using a regular 3 inch hose.  Lots more pressure with the hose so more stuff gets dumped.  I have a seprate charger, AGM batteries for the macerator to insure I have good power all the time.  They just don't handlle the volume a good a full tank with a three inch hose.
I have option # 2. Bought 100 ft of 3/4 inch hose at Home Depot....they call it contractor's hose... and cut it to the length I needed. Then I added alligator clips to the macerator wires and hook them directly to one of my batteries. The wires are several (maybe 6 ft or so) feet long and  easily reached my battery compartment. I use a see through sleeve and hook the macerator to that so I can see what's going on down there. Only problem is that the macerator being heavy pulls down somewhat and causes a leak at the dump connection. Rectified that by supporting the macerator with several leveling blocks. I don't use the flush fitting because I have a built-in flush in my black tank.

If you get option# 2, be sure to replace the fuse with a 20 amp fuse, Their tech support people told me to do that.

Works like a charm.
Tom and Shayne:

I should have said, "one of the rare really good RV ACCESSORY investments I have made."  ;D


Option 3, the Sanicon, has FAR more pressure and speed than a standard 3 inch dump.  I am finished in about half the time.  And this baby will pump 150 feet and up a 20 foot hill! 
Smoky  Good thing you amended your statement.  Got to watch what you say    Ears are perked all along the way.  But just had to pull the leg. LOL
I have a Sani-Con that was factory installed on the Diplomat and agree that it is great.  I read about the Grey Water Bypass but do not see it on mine which limits it use.  I am inferring from the above that 'grey water bypass' is standard on it, is it???  I have reverted back to standard 'dump hose' so I can leave the 'gray tank' open for wife to do the laundry.

Have read the literature that came with the coach, sparse as it is, and cannot tell if I have the referred to 'bypass.'   

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