Magnadyne CD player not working

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May 2, 2009
Northcentral Oklahoma
I have a 2004 Meridian with a Magnadyne radio (original) in it and after 8 years of ownership I decided to purchase some CDs to use while traveling since the crappy radio antenna doesn't seem to reach very far.
When I loaded a CD today for the very first time the panel light showed "CD" and the little icons were spinning, but then the panel showed a "7 Err" and it switched back to the radio station.  I know the CDs are good as I had just played them yesterday in my Chev PU radio.  I installed the CDs with the label up just like I did in my PU.
Operations Manual is no help.  All it says is to insert the CD and the icons will start spinning.  Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong - or what's wrong with this radio.  I've read the Magnadyne is a pretty cheap made radio and is usually replaced fairly soon.
Just pulled up eHow internet page on a different model of Magnadyne CD player and it stated an Err 7 indicated a non-operating laser.  Whether never using the CD player in 8 years has anything to do with it or what.  Guess this falls in line with the suggestions I've read before on the RV Forums to just junk the Magnadyne stuff.
It could be a defective laser or also may be dusty/dirty. The laser beam is focused through a tiny lens , get enough dust in there and it can't read the disc. You could try shooting some compressed air in there or there are cleaning discs available. They are a disc with a tiny brush on them. If your handy you could disassemble the unit and clean the lens with a Q-Tip  and isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn't work replacement is the best choice as repairs usually aren't worth the cost and parts for that brand may be hard to come by.

Cheers Ray (TV and Stereo Repair Tech)
These are new CDs, never been played before,  except two days ago in my Chev PU.  Just recently purchased at Wally World.

Might be worth trying the CD cleaner.  Certainly shouldn't do no harm.

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