mail forwarding - Good Sam vs Escapees?

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Aug 14, 2011
We live in our RV full time, hence, this forum.  ;D  We spend 6 to 7 months in AZ, the rest of the year traveling who knows where.    We are members of Good Sam and Escapees but not sure we need both so are considering canceling Escapees but wondering if we should keep it for the mail forwarding.  We have a mess on our hands with friends forwarding our mail, plus we have an address in WA and an address in NV.  WE would like to get rid of both those addresses and just have one.  Any suggestions?  I hear Good Sam has mail forwarding but I hear more about Escapees.  History...we moved from Nevada to WA a year ago, mostly for what we can save in vehicle registration.  NV is ridiculous!  Thanks for suggestions.
Escapees is the largest of all the mail forwarding services. They are so large that they even have their own special zip code just for the forwarding. We have had numerous guests stay at our farm and have received their mail for them. Probably 70-80% have used Escapees. I have never hear a compliant about them.

BTW, don't forget FMCA also has a mail forwarding service and there are also numerous mail forwarding services in SD as well.
Good Sam was contracting with American Home Base in Florida for their mail forwarding service, but like the periodic changes of their ERS contractor, they've changed to someone else now. With Escapees, the mail service is directly owned and operated, with no "third-party" involved. Have you checked out the Escapees owned and member owned co-op RV parks in AZ? 15$ or $16 a night for FHU sites is hard to beat...
Definitely keep the Escapees membership if you only want one, but they really aren't comparable to Good Sam.  Good Sam is a commercial enterprise while Escapees is member owned and operated.  Escapees have an excellent support program for the full time RVer and the mail service is very flexible.  We've used the mail service for 15+ years and have never had a problem.
Actually, Escapees is owned by the Petersen family rather than the members, but has always been operated largely for the benefit of the membership. Some of the Escapee RV parks (SKP parks) are co-ops, but the club & all its services is owned and operated by the Petersons. Far & away a better service organization than GS.
Thanks for the input.  I think we will go to the Boondocking in Quartzsite this year and see how we like Escapees.  NY_Dutch - Aren't those 15-16 a night prices just for a night?  We stay in one park for the whole 6-7 months we are in AZ.  We are shopping around tho.  We would like to maybe buy some land or at least lease a lot by the year.  We are going to check that out this year when we get there.  We've stayed in Bullhead City, AZ the last couple years but we are open to anywhere warm.  ;)
Well, the Petersens are members :)  But Gary is right about that point.  However, it's the members that do much of the work in keeping the organization and the Rainbow parks running.

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