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Jul 1, 2006
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As I shop more and see all the varieties of MH's out there, the whole make/model thing is really screwing me up.  For instance, I've seen Fleetwood Bounder but also just a Bounder with no mention of Fleetwood.  Then there's also Fleetwood Tioga and/or Tioga Jamboree and/or Jamboree Rallye... ahhh!  :eek:  My coworker has a Sunseeker made by Winnebago, but Sunseeker also pops up as a make of its own in most internet ad searches.  Which is which is which, or is there no simple explanation?  MH names seem much more complicated than cars.  If I say I have an Oldsmobile Aurora (which I do), no one is going to get confused and think I meant an Aurora Oldsmobile.  ::)
Sometimes a company will sell off a product line, however for the most part if you see "Bounder" assume they mean Bounder by Fleetwood or Fleetwood Bounder as they are all ways of saying much the same thing.

Speaking of Bounders... I once made a joke about getting run over by the Bounder pulling in for routine service.

The Financial officer i was joking with told me that if it was a Bounder it would not, likely, be pulling in

So when we came around to the same joke line again I changed it to "The Tow truck pulling in a Bounder for service"

Poor Finincial officer dang near choked he was laughing so hard

That said, His opinion of bounders seems to be a bit lower than what fact supports  The only genuine complaint I've ever heard is that they tend to "Bound" (well bounce" a bit, poor shocks, easily fixed
With RVs, people tend to include the manufacturer's name, e.g. Fleetwood Bounder or Fleetwood Jamboree.  That probably becasue most of the public is not as familiar with the RV manufacturing companies as they are with cars & trucks. You could say General Motors Oldsmobile too, but most don't bother because the brand recognition is good without the extra details. 

But I don't think you  will see any "Tioga Jamborees" because Tioga and Jamboree are two different brands in the Fleetwood product line.
Ah that helps... I didn't think about Fleetwood being compared to General Motors.

RV Roamer said:
But I don't think you  will see any "Tioga Jamborees" because Tioga and Jamboree are two different brands in the Fleetwood product line.

Here's where I found that, supposedly a 2001 Tioga Jamboree for sale:
Yeah, well, you will see almost anything on those used RV classified listings.  I saw a Monaco Dutch Star there one time and those two aren't even from the same corporation!   

You will notice that the names displayed on the side of that Tioga do not say "Jamboree" anywhere - it's a Tioga Arrow Special. The 2001 Fleetwood brochures are still  available online and it indeed shows a Tioga 24D and a Jamboree 24D in their respective brochures, but there are no Tioga Jamborees.    It is perhaps understandable that the owner is as confused as you are, though, since the Tioga and the Jamboree are essentially identical units.  Underneath their name badges they nearly twins, with only minor differences in trim to distinguish them. 

Fleetwood Brochure library
You should be here!  There are things like the same company having a 5th wheel and a motorhome with the same name!  Different companys having same model names. 


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