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Dec 26, 2009
on the move USA
Shuffling on down the road to Melbourne Florida for awhile.

Anyone going to be in Melbourne in the new year?

I am going to be at Wickham Park, a lovely place. I will arrive the last night of the fabulous Christmas light show held in the public areas of the park, though the campground campers do their best to deck the halls too.

It's 120 miles from here to there, I hope I can make it in under a day.  ;D
Wish we could join you but we're in AZ for the winter. Next time we're both in FL we need to have another dinner somewhere! We will be back next winter!
I would love to see you two again!

I hope to be back in Florida next winter too, but no idea what part or where or if I am workamping or not.

Florida RV park rates are escalating rapidly and what is really frustrating and maddening is that many do not bother to change their website to reflect the new rates or disclose the true final cost (with assorted taxes and fees tacked on).

I don't want to buy a lot... just rent one.

I called one RV Park that had no rates published on their very basic nearly bare website and asked if they had availability for 3 months and she said yes. I asked how much and she said $3,000. 

So I said, oh it's $1,000 a month?  And she said "Lady it's $3000 a month or $9,000 for 3 months PLUS electricity and taxes."


I was so glad she couldn't see the look on my face. 

Finally I said  "Does that include breakfast in bed?"  and she hung up on me!

Sounds like that park doesn't really want any business!!! I guess there may be some that try to charge that kind of rate but even TGO only charges $1150/month with all the amenities included!

Be sure to let us know where you are next year. We should be back by December.
No where near Melborne, but still with ya. Been taking some time to enjoy some of your site.

BYW...we used to have a sailboat ported in Apalachicola. Lived aboard for nearly 5 yrs.  One of the high points of my life for sure.
jmugs said:
BYW...we used to have a sailboat ported in Apalachicola. Lived aboard for nearly 5 yrs.  One of the high points of my life for sure.

What happened? Get tired of eating oysters? :) :)
I loved living aboard sailboats and managed to sail thousands of miles (knots).  I surely miss the life and would return to it in a heartbeat if the body were willing. 

I still confuse the RV with boat life...  I stock up for the far flung ports...  I put in an opening hatch overhead to feel more at home (at sea).  I nearly sank the RV on my 2nd trip to a campground... I worry too much about sea salt and corrosion...
... managed to sail thousands of miles (knots).

He he, you're already forgetting/confusing nautical terms; Miles (nautical miles)  ;D  Knotts, of course (no pun) is a measure of speed, aka nm/h.  Understand missing life afloat; When we're on the road we miss the boat  and when we're on the water we miss the RV.
BruceinFL said:
What happened? Get tired of eating oysters? :) :)
Never get tired of Apalach oysters, but do miss them, as well as all the fresh seafood. I'll be glad for the next opportunity to head that way again.

Yup, the memories of the sailboat do carry over to wheel estate life. One difference is that now we have tanlines, LOL.

Tom, I wish we could afford to maintain a boat and a MH, but alas, the greenbacks won't stretch quite that far.
I left my boat after almost three decades of sailing The Bahamas and Caribbean, but agree that much is similar.  Twelve volt systems, dealing with a toad instead of a dinghy, propane fills, marinas/campgrounds, shore power cords, and the list goes one.  A couple of things that are easier include dodging hurricanes and the danger of sinking.  Then again I can't troll a line behind my RV, not can I drive down the road with dolphins jumping in my bow's a tradeoff.
RVers say "boondocking"...sailing we called it "gunkholing". Always thought gunkhole sounded sorta nasty, but have spent some great times on wonderful, moonlit secluded beaches while riding the hook in azure waters.

Dodged several hurricanes by running up rivers to hidyholes. The tidal surge rose and the rum rapidly depleted, and we met some really cool people. We were 150 miles from Katrina up in the swamps and rode it out like a babe in a cradle. Watched it on tv till the cameras had to back out.
parttymer said:
Miss Mermaid,

This topic is posted in for sale or for rent section.


Thanks but that's nearly 300 miles further south and $950 a month? 

Not my cup of tea!  I generally get about 2-3 months rent for $950 in the winter in Florida. 

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