Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

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I installed it and it totally screwed up my Microsoft Money 2006 files for some reason.? I could not download stock prices or pay bills.? I even re-installed MSMoney and it still didn't work.? I had to restore my system to a date before the installation of IE7 to fix the problem.

IE7 is much more secure by default than previous versions.  It SHOULD pop up a message when it blocks something and allow you to specify the future behaviour, but perhaps not always.  I use Firefox and it tells me what it's doing, and it's much easier to configure the security options.

To anyone considering installing IE7, I recommend waiting awhile and reading the reports of problems that are uncovered over the next few weeks.  I would expect a fix for it within a month to make it work better (or correctly).
Might want to consider Fire Fox??? Seems to work fine for me and the updates haven't affected my the MS ones can do. I don't even update the OS.......
We downloaded IE7 and seems to work pretty good.  Change always takes getting used too
I just installed IE7 and have been using it for about an hour and really like it.? The interface is much cleaner and more efficient.

The new 'clear type' is really nice.? Also, the new 'tab' feature is great once you get used to the shortcut keys.

At first glance, I think it's a winner!? I've tried Firefox but just didn't like it all.? I found it to be confusing and never could get it to display images properly no matter what I did, so I gave it up and won't be going back to it anytime soon.

IE7 does seem to have addressed a lot of the issues users have complained about over the past few years.
When did you try FF, Rick? Also, I would appreciate if one of you IE7 users could click on the 2 sites below my signature and see how they display in IE7...thanks in Advance...
woodartist said:
When did you try FF, Rick? Also, I would appreciate if one of you IE7 users could click on the 2 sites below my signature and see how they display in IE7...thanks in Advance...
I tried out FF a couple of month's ago.? After using it for a few days, I switched back to IE6 as I just didn't like much of anything about FF.

I had a look at both of your websites in IE7 and they seemed to display just fine.
I've been using the beta version of IE7 for months and have had few, if any, problems.

I do not profess to be a sophisticated user ....? just a really really smart old man.? LOL

Seriously, it has been fine.? I also run FF and when I see something strange while using either browser
I will try the same exercise with the other browser.? I have yet to pin any blame on IE7 for any problems.
Most were just my steep learning curve.? Just my experience.?

I am a professional user and have been using it as my primary browser for over 6 months here on the UNM Valencia Campus where I am a User Support Analyst. I also have FF abd OPera on my desktop for comparison purposes and to help the occasional 'unique' user.

I am very happy with the final release and have had no problems with any files opening. the pop-up blocker tweaks easily. The options tab allows you to have more than one home page. . .such as  ::) I getting ready to test it on dial up at home.
Thanks a lot Rick...glad it was OK. My Webhost has a forum with all kinds of experts and they scared me away from downloading the trial version, to check my site ;) So, I was curious, but not curious enough to download the IE 7. FF took a little getting used to but I like it a lot. Anytime I can get away from MS and their software, I do it......personal choice. Just get tired of all the security problems and updates.....well, I'm drifting, again thanks for the checkout.
I installed IE7 yesterday and it completely screwed my wireless connection.  I don't know why but it did.  I additionally did the diagnosis thingy that popped up but it was unable to diagnose my problem.  I disabled the firewall, still no go.

De-installed and now back to IE6 and have wireless connectivity back with my home network.

Don't know what's wrong, but cannot be without my wireless access.  So, at least for the immediate future, I am IE6 bound

Installrd it on both desktop unit and laptop wireless) and it works great.  Like it much better  Clearer  Just had to get used to it.  Like the way you clean out the cookies and files now
I remember updating from 5 to 6, and my online banking could not communicate for months.  Had to go back to 5.  It doesn't work with FF either.  I agree with the wait and see approach. 

How are cookies and temp files cleaned up?  I sure would love something that is automatic.  Such a bother every time I disconnect.

Be aware that IE7 will be pushed to everyone next month with the automatic updates.  If you are using the automatic update feature, there is a program from MS that will delay the automatic update, but not indefinitely.  IE7 is in everyones future, want it or not.
I was running Beta for many moons without problems and am using the real thing as well without problems on any applications or network issues, etc. I switch back and forth with Firefox for various reasons so get a taste of both; so far both work equally well.
Most of the systems having problems after installing IE7 are preexisting problems that the new browser is causing to show up.  This version of IE was better tested than any previous version with the public betas and release candidates.

I still prefer Firefox and rarely use IE, mostly just for Windows Update, and even that will run in FF with the IE Tab extension.
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