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Jul 22, 2012
Northern Illinois
I'm a new member here although I registered back in July. I've sort of been in the background here learning all that I can about the MH I recently purchased. It is in need of some TLC and some overall maintenance, but nothing too complicated so far. This site has been a huge wealth of information for someone like me who knows very little.
My name is Terry and I recently picked up a 1997 Pace Arrow 34J (Ford Chassis). I have performed a lot of little repairs and nothing real serious so far (repair the stairs/motor, replace batteries, reseal the roof, replace lights inside and out, replace water heater etc.). As a whole, it is becoming a fairly nice unit. I am planning on taking it out for a long trip come early Spring. It the meantime, I might try 1 or 2 local short weekend trips between now and then just to get a feel for this. Over the last 7 - 8 years, I've been motorcycle camping by pulling a small pop-up type of camper behind my Honda Goldwing motorcycle. It's a lot of fun and great camaraderie with others like myself traveling all over the country.
I've been keeping a journal of everything I've found that needed some help, and what I have done so far to correct the issues I've found. Maybe some day I can be the proud owner of knowledge to share.
Hi Terry and welcome to The RV Forum.

Having hung around for while you undoubtedly have discovered that we are a pretty friendly bunch that enjoys helping others.  We are pleased that you have "come out".  Now, we encourage participation in our discussions.  It is a good way to get to know others, many of whom share a passion for RVing.

As to your professed desire to "be the proud owner of knowledge to share":  I suspect that you are already there.  Surely, you will gain more each time you visit the site.

Welcome aboard!
Don't feel bad, I haven't gotten around to announcing myself yet either and I've been a somewhat active member for almost 3 years now.


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