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Mar 11, 2005
Camp Verde, AZ
Hello everyone,

We're a little late in checking in but we've been in Fairbanks, Alaska and are just now catching up on the paper and computer work.

Went up to see the University of Alaska Fairbanks Hockey team beat rival Anchorage for the FOURTH year is a row for the Governor's Cup.

Haven't had a chance to look at the new site. Only logged in and found my way here to let everyone know we're back. I like what I've seen so far. Good work Tom and staff.

Don and Peg
At home in Camp Verde
Hi Don & Peg

Glad you showed up in our new home. I was getting a little worried, but someone said you were probably away for hockey.

Let us know if you need any help getting around here, and don't forget to vote in our poll.
Welcome to the new Form Don & Peg. ?Glad to see you have found us and that you like what you have seen so far. ?Please respond to the POl in the General discussion section under "First Impressions of the New Forum". ?Will we see you tomorrow at Russ's?
Glad to see that you found us Don.  The new format is a lot better than the old one and I presuem we will see a lot of you here.
Don and Peg,

Welcome to our new Forum. ?Any chance you might have some spectacular photos or reports you might like to share about Alaska travel?

About time you showed up here :)  See you both tomorrow.
Keith and Cynthia,

wheels-on -wheels said:
:D Hi millers,we are the new kids in town we hope you enjoyed you adventure! Nice to meet you . we are Keith and Cynthia

Welcome to the RV Forum.? We are happy to see you here and hope ou enjoy the forum and participate regularly.? What type of RV do you have? ???
Keith & Cynthia,

Welcome to the RV Forum. We are glad you found us.? Please feel free to enter into any of the discussions or start a discussion.? Ask any questions as there is much experience among the members here.

After you've had an opportunity to look around, please respond to our pol.

What kind of RV do you have??
Welcome to the new home and also welcome back from Alaska.  I assume you flew up there.  You did, didn't you?
Be seeing you in Moab.

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