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Jan 13, 2005
On our way back from Gila Bend on Sunday, we decided to re-join the folks remaining at Qz. Ron Marabito had left a little earlier that day. So we had 4 rigs - Dicks, Bakers, Karl Kolbus, and us. Last night Karl cooked brots and we ate around the campfire. This morning we pulled out behind the Dicks and followed them to Anza Borrego state park. Jim took the scenic route down through Box Canyon; Chris was wondering if we were going 4-wheeling in the coach (g). We're boondocked here in the middle of nowhere, although we can see a number of other boondockers a little distance away. I think Jim is itching to go 4-wheeling.

The Bakers were leaving Qz shortly after us, so Karl is left on his ownsome.

Got the dish set up and got online. Glad I bought the Birdog meter to optimize the fix on the satellite. Haven't been able to get anywhere near Ron Ruward's fast time to get online, but I guess I need more practice (and more patience).


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Nice photos Tom.  Maybe we should have joined you guys.  Sounds like fun.  Keep working on the dish setup times.  You will get faster each time.
I sure hope I can get the times down Ron. I'm a couple of orders of magnitude behind you (g). Darndest thing is, if I can't get cross-pol to pass, I walk away and do something else and, when I come back, it works just fine.

It's our wedding anniversary today, so we're going to celebrate at a small restaurant in the nearby town.
Guess the bold ans underline and glow thing didn't work.  Guess I will have to read the instructions. (BG)

Each setup will get easier.  Keep trying the cross pol thing but don't fight it if it doesn't seem to work walk away and most the time it will work if you have peaked the signal up good.  Gets easier as you get experience.


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