Mini-rally in Sierra Vista Yesterday

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Mar 7, 2005
Sorry this should have been written up yesterday but CRS set in.  We had breakfast at the Landmark with Fred and Daisy Monday morning.  It was way to short but that is all the time that they had as they were getting ready for a Good Sam chapter rally in Benson this week.  Also one of their daughters will be coming to visit them this weekend.  It was great to see them and was planning to spend a couple of days with them.  Instead we will be able to return to our lot a couple of days sooner than planned.  The mini-rally is official complete with picture.

We are sooooo ready to get home but it has been a very wonderful trip sightseeing and visiting with family and friends for the past six months.


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So nice to see photos of "Mom & Dad"! That has nothing to do with age but they are, as far as we are concerned, the beginning of such wonderful relationships that we have enjoyed over many years with the RV Forum. Without their sage advise, we would never have ventured from Connecticut to Arizona and missed such a wonderful experience! We're really looking forward to our visit with them this winter!
Sad to say ... those of us who have "retired" from driving our houses around the country have a tendency to become tied to schedules and activities of a more permanent nature.  It's sometimes hard to just "drop everything" and go have fun like we were able to do when we were full timing.  I miss the freedom of those days, but life is good now, too.  There's a time in life for everything I guess.  ;)

Lorna and Ned, we were so VERY sorry not to have more time to spend with you.  But what once took us a few hours, now takes a day or two.  We just move a whole lot slower.  And to the others, thanks for the kind words.  We count you all as our truly great friends and wish we could once again be roaming this great country and running into each other as we were prone to do.  We sure do miss that.

Daisy, we were happy to spend the time we did with you and Fred.  Would have been nice to have had more time, but we take what we can get.  We were very fortunate to get to spend time with a lot of our good friends these past few months, whether it was a few hours or a few weeks.

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