Mini Rally in Sierra Vista

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Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
A week ago today, we arrived in Huachuca City to visit Fred & Daisy Thomas. We had planned this for several months. Unfortunately, we both came down with colds the day we arrived. Not wanting to give them to F&D, we delayed visiting until we were no longer contagious.

Yesterday, we finally were able to visit. We arrived around 10:30am and left around 7:30pm! It was a wonderful visit and we talked about all the good times we have shared over the past 15 years.

Today we, again, met them for dinner with their Good Sam Chapter. Another lovely time. We will see them again tomorrow and, next week, we have agreed to attend their chapter rally at Patagonia Lake State Park.

It sure is great to be able to sit down in a quiet conversation with two of the greatest Framily members we have ever known!!! :) :)
I am jealous!!!! We are hoping they are still planning on attending the FMCA rally at Lazy Days.  It will be another chance for an old timers rally.  We will be arriving in Tucson early  (3/17) for a service appointment the next morning.  See you all then.

Oh, Jim, you flatterer, you.  We so love seeing you and Pat and being able to talk about our adventures meeting around the country and especially the very first years of the QZ Rally and what fun we all had.  We are so happy to see you both.  Also, Ken, we are still PLANNING to on Lazy Days and so want to see you and Sheila again.  Yes, it will be like an Old Timers Rally with you both in attendance also.

Richard, your ears must have been burning and Jim and Pat were telling us about your new coach and how beautiful it was.  We were thinking if you weren't going to LD, we'd make a trip over to see it.  So happy you will be coming to it.  Call before you come to SV, as we've got kids coming the first part of March, but we do want to see both of you soon.  With you and Linda at LD it will be homecoming week for us old timers.....

I can feel a good old fashioned RV Framily gathering about to happen. We enjoy meeting new Framily members but there's just nothing like the original group that started the QZ happening!! :)
Today, Pat & I decided to go back to see the Rattlesnake Man. She kept after me to buy a rattlesnake hat band for my new hat. Since he is selling out and this very unique part of Americana might soon disappear, I decided she might be right.

When we got there he was out and about. With another couple of guys that were visiting, we had quite a nice conversation with John about his years, over 30, of leaving the corporate world and pursuing a dream of catching rattlesnakes. He and his wife are both close to 80 and they are looking for the nicer things in life, like fast food. ;D They feel they are getting too old to live so far from good medical care which is certainly a good reason for pursuing other adventures. John & Sandy will move to Sierra Vista for their remaining years.

I know we will be sad to see such an American Icon disappear but do understand the underlying reasons for the move. It would be nice if someone could take over but it will never be the same. John told us when they started over 30 years ago, they would catch 4 rattlers a day. Then the Government put a restriction on captures to 4 a year. That pretty much decimated their main objective of providing rattlesnake items. I think I'm glad I got the hat band. :)
How about a picture of the hat band?

And do say hello to Fred and Daisy from us.

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