Moab 2005 Early Arrivals begin

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Jan 29, 2005
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Al and Vel Woods were the first to arrive followed by Fitzgerals and Ruwards for the 2005 Moab rally.  More expected to arrive today.
This is a Framily event which officially begins 01 May through 11 May this year.  Several of us like to arrive early.  Reservation are already being made for next year 28 Apr through 7 May 2006.

Additional arrivals today includ the Dicks, Russ Mahoney, Brewers, and Chet Parks.  Expect Phil to arrive this evening.


Chet Parks was scheduled to arrive on Sunday too.  They will be in a full hookup site tonight then in the field till Sunday when his reserved site becomes open.

Chet said he will be more than willing to share my desert hookups with you if you get in early and end up in the field with them.
We won't mind Sat night in the field if we arrive early. We're currently north of Sacramento, and will probably stay west of Reno tonight, road conditions permitting.

BTW what the weather like in Moab?
Tom said:
We won't mind Sat night in the field if we arrive early. We're currently north of Sacramento, and will probably stay west of Reno tonight, road conditions permitting.

BTW what the weather like in Moab?

Cloudy, Wind 260 degrees at 8MPH Temp 59.3, Humidity 28%, Baro 29.51

Have a safe drive.

Thanks Ron. We're currently at Boomtown, NV for the night. Head to Salt Lake in the morning.
I believe you're right Ron. Thanks.

We could have got it at FJ as I was in the right lane for it. But, by the time I thought of it, we were too far forward and I didn't want to unhook the toad.
How does one go about making reservations for 2006?

Not sure we can do this as our main plan is to leave Quartzite in Jan or Feb and begin working our way to Fla, then up to the MD-VA area in spring to see our granddaughter, then New England in June, then work our way back to MT for July-Aug of 2006.  But of course the beauty of fulltiming is that we have freedom to change things around as we please.

Just for reference, are there still full hookups available for 2006 and what does the camping cost with or without full hookups?
Smokey, are you overplanning, already making reservations for a year away?  I thought retirement and full timing meant freedom from schedules, getting up every morning and deciding what to do that day.  Just kidding.
Not what I would call overplanning just several of us know a good thing and don't want to miss it. ;D

Reservations for Moab 2006 can be made by calling r Portal at 800-574-2028. Be sure to let them know you are with the RV Forum.  I don't think any full hookup sites are left but partial hookups are available.  Let them know you would like to upgrade to a full hookup site should one become available.

Please join us I'm sure you would enjoy it.  If you want I will tell Annie to put you down for 2006.


Read up to earlier in the thread to see why I asked this.


Like I said, right now I just wanted the info.  Our plans are to be on the East coast in 2006 springtime.  But we might well change our minds as we settle into things.  For sure we plan to be at Quartzite rally.

Still need the cost info on Moab.
The cost for the time we are here 28 April -11 May was $317 and that is for full 50A hookups.  They do have partial and Boondocking but I have no Idea as to the cost.

This is one event we do plan well in advance for.

Try this for Portal's web site Smoky. They really are very nice folks and go out of their way to accomodate you.

It's a private park - owned by a very nice/friendly couple. Annie is the female half and she will look after you. Location is also close to town, not to mention close to Arches national monument, Canyonlands, and lots of off-road trails.
Tom did you mention you expected to arrive a day early or Sat.  Just wondering if you were going to arrive today or if you were looking at Russ's calender. ;D ;D ;D What is your ETA Moab?

We won't arrive until tomorrow (Sun). We're staying the night (Sat) at East Bay RV Park in Springville, south of Provo, UT. Nice RV park and across the street from a Flying J. I used the truck pump today  :)
We, Millers, and Helaine & wally are at Monument Valley tonight and will be in tomorrow, probably by noon.  See you all then.

Tom, we used the car pumps at Little America in Flagstaff today :)  The truck islands were very busy and we don't like to slow down the truckers if we can avoid it.  Paid $2.409/gal.

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