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Aug 15, 2006
I have been reading a lot of frum discussions and am interested in information about Moab.  What is the Moab Rally and where is it?  Obviously new to this...what do you do at a rally?  Are there a lot of them around the country?

Wow what a question - I'm suprised you aren't buried with answers yet.

One answer to "what do you do?" is "nuttin' - sit & spit - eat & yak"

Here's another answer for starters:

Poke around in the libary and check out the topic on rallies for more. Also lots of pictures in the photo albums from rallies.

Thank you very much.  I will check out the library.

Sitting sounds fine...not sure about the spittin part. :)
Where?  Moab, Utah, at the Portal RV Park.
What: Socialize with other RVForum people - typically 25 or more rigs attend.  Sit around and chat, share hors de-ouvres at happy hour, maybe go out to dinner at a local restaurant, etc.  But the scenery is the main attraction in Moab, the spectacular Arches and Canyonland National Parks, hundreds of miles of offroad (4WD) trails, and the Colorado River.  Forum members usually caravan for trail rides and if you don't have a 4WD drive vehicle of your own, ride along with one of your new-found friends who does.

Moab Rally Info
Looks like Gary and Joel pretty well answered the question about Moab but what hasn't been mentioned is the great scenery getting there.  Whether you come from the N S E or W there is interesting things to see along the way as you get closer to Moab.  Give Portal a call and get your reservation in.
Thanks for the information.  Unfortunately it is in April and, being a teacher (not retired yet), I am still in school.  We will certainly put this on our calendar for the year we retire.

We look forward to making knew friends and seeing knew places.

The Moab rally is great. If not the whole week+, maybe you could make a weekend. Well worth the trip.

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