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I know the RV Forum Rally in Moab is held at the Portal RV Park but looking at their website, the sites look really close together.  We have a 40' MH w/ 2 slides towing a Tahoe.  Is it easy to navigate through Portal or is there another RV park that is more spacious that would be recommended?


We have a 38' motorhome with 3 slides towing a Suburban and have no problems at Portal RV park.
Portal is more than sufficient for maneuvering a 40 footer + toad, but the sites don't leave a lot of room for sitting around outside. Especially if your neighbor has slides out.
Chet18013 said:
All site are OK, except the ones right next to the toilet. There's a lot of traffic from the tents and cabins.

Gary was in the site next to the bathroom and we still managed to get a large group outside his rig for happy hour several afternoons/evenings. Not sure how much room is really enough.
I highly recommend Portal if you are going to Moab.  There are reasons why for the seven years the RV Forum Moab rally has been in existence that we have held the rally at Portal.  Several members already have their reservation at Portal in for next year.
Thanks, looks like Portal's is on the top of the list!!

Portal is a very nice park and works very well for those who like an open southern view for the satellites. However, if trees are important to you, it's lacking (except for the great site the Lassens won from Russ). Also, if hot tubs, swimming pools, and entertainment rooms are important, it doesn't have any. However, if you have a dog that enjoys swimming, the pond is great for aquatic canines, the views are incredible, and they have strong, free Wi-Fi.
Thanks, Wendycoke.

Trees are only important when the patio side faces west with the afternoon sun hitting us as we sit out.

Satellite reception is important.

We don't do hot tubs, swimming pools and entertainment rooms and a park not having them could mean less kids. 

Love the free WiFi and great views

Thanks for the information.


Here's a view from our coach while we were at Portal RV. The folks camped in the field didn't get their reservations in on time.


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And this time of year, there won't be those pesky RVs in the field blocking the view!!
Hi Darlene,

You will not be unhappy with Protal. It can handle any size rig. When you get there let me know. I'll try to clue you in to things to see and do.
Thanks, Jim.

We will probably be there in 3-4 weeks.  I'll let you know when our schedule firms up.  I appreciate the offer.

D2 said:
Thanks, Jim.

We will probably be there in 3-4 weeks.  I'll let you know when our schedule firms up.  I appreciate the offer.


I see my fingers slipped on my previous note and I misspelled Portal. :)

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