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Tim & Jan

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Mar 3, 2005
After being towed into the Avalon Towing  garage near St. John?s Newfoundland, where they were kind enough to let us park our motorhome for several days, we discovered what may be a secret prototype of a Monaco rear drive, front diesel coach.

The coach started life as a 1987 Monaco 34? gas pusher. The complete drive train was removed and a 1993 International cab and chassis installed with the frame rails and rear axle extended as needed. The engine is a Detroit diesel 60 series with 370 horsepower. The roof of the International was removed carefully so the the Monaco front roof could be attached neatly. Some very nice aluminum work was done in mating the International to the original body, including shortening both diesel fuel tanks.

The large steel plate on the rear is going to support vertically moveable trailer hitch to be used with different types of trailers. One trailer will be a two deck to mainly be used for hauling several snow mobiles.


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