Monuting my spare tire under my tongue?

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Jul 8, 2005
Delta, B.C. Canada
I have a 1960 'canned ham' style 16 ft travel trailer and I want to mount the spare tire on the outside.  It has no rear bumper, so that is not really an option.  While I was looking on e-bay the other day, I saw a mounting kit from an old Airstream that allowed you to mount the tire under the propane tanks.  Do you think this would work for me?  Any suggestions?


This depends on a number of things.

I used to have an Apache Popup... that is how the spare tire was factory mounted on it, under the propane tank, in fact the same bolts that held the tank in place secured the tire... However a previous owner changed from the single tank factory standard to a double tank arrangment and thus changed the spare tire mounting.

My next trailer was a SCAMP, Lovely little polystyrene bubble  bit more aerodynamic than your can of ham.

The spare here mounted on a bracket which attached to the BODY, not the bumper (though it did have a bumper) I do not know if your body is as strong as my hunk of plastic though.

My next rig did not come with a spare.. It came with instrucitons to call a professional tire man if you have a flat (What, they think I can't horse a 22.5" tire and rim... They don't know me very well do they)

(Well, to be honest.. .I'd rather have Goodyear do it, or Belle tire, or whomever the local expert is)

There are other ways to mount a spare too.  There is a rather interesting mount designed for motor homes, but a "Stripped down" version of it would work with a trailer too (lighter tires)  It mounts on your tow hitch and allows you to attach the trailer as well. 

There are many options

(With the Apache I carried the spare either inside the trailer, removing it when parked, or inside the tow-car)
By the way,,,, I said in the earlier post that weather or not you could do it depended on many things.

One of those things is ground clearance.. Make sure there is enough
I have a 1988 "Paid-for" travel trailer and on my previous TT as well as this current one I've mounted the spare tire/wheel under the unit just to the rear of the rear-most axle. Using all grade 5 ( if not grade 8 ) hardware, slotted angle iron (2 x 4" galvanized) and a large lapp hinge mount the the carrier between the cross-members with the hinge towards the front. A pair of long 6-8" bolts mounted to the rear to support the arm under the tire. Put a bolt ( or two )through the slot nearest a wheel lug hole. Mounting in the rear avoids almost any clearance problems.  Most useful is a healthy dose of common sense. Good luck. Any questions, email me.

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