Motorcycle/Small Car Camper Trailers

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Jan 22, 2006
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
We have a 40' Beaver Motorhome that we use on a part time basis since coming off the road a little over a year ago.  It will be our snowbird rig in the future.  I am also an avid motorcyclist and enjoy camping with it.  I was touring in Nevada, the temperature was 100 degrees and I stopped for cold water and gas.  Up rides a gentleman with wife on pillion pulling a camper trailer with their old Goldwing motorcycle.  He reached into his ice chest getting very cold water for wife and himself.  They had been on the road all summer visiting National Parks and generally exploring.  My RV side locked into this and the idea of sleeping off the ground in one of these rigs absolutely fascinated me.  I liked the idea of 40 mpg, easy set up, hauling cooking gear and riding my motorcycle.  DW likes the idea as well.  The bonus is that it will hook up behind the truck when not being used by the motorcycle and do the job. 
I'd like to get one and wondered if anyone had ever done this before.  Here is a website I found that involves towing with a motorcycle as well as tent camping:  I know there are a number of motorcyclists on the forum.
I have a pop-up trailer that I pull behind a Gold Wing.  We have covered most of the US in it, an 11,500 mile trip to Alaska, Nova Scotia the next year.  My wife will no longer go on it but I miss it.  PM me if you need any more info.
My Dad bought a little motorcycle pop-up for his Wing.  I think he's used it once so far, but he said it works fine.  You're up off the ground, and in relative comfort.  He likes it.
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