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May 17, 2005
Hi all

Are there anyone in the forum who has modified their motorhome for wheelchair handicap access?  The motorhome that I presently have is a 30' 1886 Foretravel gasser.  The entrance doorway is about 25" and  my daughter's wheel chair is 22" so we don't have any major trouble moving the wheelchair in and out. It's kind of tight but we make do.  We solved the ramp situation by buying an eight foot telescoping one from the auto parts store for $34 whereas the wheelchair folks wanted $400 for a folding pair. 

The question that I have is how to anchor the wheelchair to the motorhome.  Her chair turns over fairly easily and when I had to make any sharp turns, over she'd go.  Thank God that they were not panic turns as she thought that was fun.  The anchors should be recessed in the floor if possible but not a hard requirement.  Any help would be appreciated.

I don't want to modify the motorhome too much as I plan to upgrade to a newer and larger coach next year if we like the class A travel.    So far, we love it.

Thanks in advance

Dave and Martha Jordan
Dear Dave,

Since I am not permanently in a wheelchair, we haven't had to concern ourselves with this issue. However, I do use an electric scooter for walking long distances, and I am so pleased that you are working in that direction.

I am going to begin a thread in General Discussion with regards to Disability Issues. Come on over and we can continue this chat there.

Libby Smith
I do have a friend who is in a chair and I considered adding wheel chair anchors to my Damon,however her chair is 25" and my door is 24 so that's not going to happen.

Visit Wright and Phillipus (or whomever the wheel chair specialists are in your town) they will either have the anchors, and be able to install them, or they willknow who does

Basically it is a 4 point seat belt anchor using a "pop up" type mount so it's flush if the chair is not there. Cost (installed) is over 1,000 if memory serves (which is more than I think it should cost) the one I looked at used rails to mount the belts to... I am not sure I would  have liked that.

But the system is fairly simple

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