Motorhome traction on hill

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Jan 8, 2013
I am looking at buying a Conquest 25 foot Motor Home. Our camp has a dirt road that has some embedded rock but can be a little slippery. I currently pull an 18" travel trailer with a 4x4 pickup and sometimes throw it in 4 wheel to get up the hill without issues. My wife is concerned that the motor home will have problems getting up the hill. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if a 25 foot motor home has pretty good traction.
That's a big "IF" question Hink.  I have RV'd in TT, 5vers, and MH's and they all act a bit different.  Pulling a trailer up a grade can be difficult as the trailer is a giant weight pulling you backwards, and can unload the rear axle of the truck if it bounces. 

A MH on the other hand has no such rearward weight drag, but instead must just pull itself up the grade.  Most any MH you buy will not have a posi-traction rear end, and will be just one wheel drive.  But as long as the grade is not wet or muddy, the one wheel will usually be sufficient.  If your truck makes it up the hill in 2wd without the trailer behind, then the MH would probably make it as well. 
Keep in mind, most MH come equipped with highway traction rib tires and aren't the best for offroad situations.  If you decide to go the MH route, you may want to change the rear tires to traction tread tires like a 4X4 might have.

I think Sarge pretty well covered it. The motorhome will make it up the grade under most any conditions that a pickup truck (without 4WD or positraction) could make it, which probably means dry and not much loose gravel.  It will work better than the trailer for the reasons that SargeW stated, but still may be a problem in some surface conditions.

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