Mountain Arie rear CRT TV change out

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Jan 12, 2011
Hagerman, Idaho
All done! Changed out the non-digital 20? Sony CRT TV in the rear of my coach for a 26? LED Visio last night.

First two pictures are of the old TV.

Third picture is of the outer two pieces of wood. I will reuse the trim part.

Forth picture shows how much the TV hung out of the cabinet. Won?t be that way for long

The TV wasn?t that hard to get out. Just had to think for about twenty minutes to figure it out? Newmar had this TV in their tight, it wasn?t going anywhere.

If you look at the fifth picture you will see a piece of wood that was screwed onto the bottom of the TV. When the TV was put into place it dropped into a whole (no floor in the cabinet) of the cabinet. It was tight and the wood on the TV had warped on the bottom. So I had to use a stiff 4? putty knife to raise the middle up to get the TV out. There was about 1/8? clearance when removing!

Picture 6 shows the fan for cooling and the recess that the TV was in.

Picture 7 shows locking mechanism for slide.

Picture 8 shows floor installed, used glue and a ?? air nail gun.

Picture 9 shows cover for locking mechanism. Stole it from another cabinet that has doors so you won?t see it missing! Newmar wants $175.00 for this piece of plastic. NO WAY!

Last two pictures shows TV installed reusing the finish trim. Have about two inches more on clearance when walking by the TV. I use some Velcro to hold the TV.

The slide will like the weight savings. Went from around 40lbs to 15lbs and good power savings with the LED!
Not too hard to do. Good Luck!
Time for new project!


  • rear TV 1.JPG
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