Mounting 5th Wheel Hitch over Gooseneck Hitch

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Sep 29, 2005
My wife and I found a 5th wheel trailer that we like, but it necessitated the replacement of our current TV (an F-150).  I found a great deal on a very low mileage F-250, but I have a concern.  It has a pop-up/retractable gooseneck hitch mounted in the bed.  The hitch is mounted into a cut in the bed that's about 12"x9".  I found a hitch like it at

Is the gooseneck hitch going to cause a problem with the SuperSlider hitch I'm planning to have installed?  Also, I looked underneath the truck, and the gooseneck hitch is mounted to two steel rails that do not look like they came with the truck.  Are they going to interfere with the mounting of the 5th wheel hitch?

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Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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Good question and I doubt if there is a generic answer.    I suggest taking the truck on a test drive to a hitch shop that does Superslides and see if they feel they could install a Superslide over the gooseneck.
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