Mounting Generator on Rear Bumper of 5th Wheel Results

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Apr 18, 2017
Brooklyn, MI
Hi all:  I wanted to mount a generator on the rear bumper of my 5th wheel so I read all the articles about the subject and put the information to work and mounted my generator. First I went to my local fabrication shop and had the thick wall 4X4 installed along with the 2X4 square tubing welded to frame. Then I installed the receiver and then the wire platform. The shop said it would hold 500 lbs easy. With the generator and wire platform I have less than 200 lbs. I will carry the gas cans in the back of truck in the tool box. After all installed and generator mounted I had side play from the normal slop in the receiver. I installed the yellow ratchet straps as shown in picture and now no movement. Will be testing it out at Quartzside should work fine.


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Bad idea.  That 200 pounds of actual weight could translate into hundreds more pounds  in inerta forces.
I do agree the "200 pounds could add up to thousands in inertial force" but.. I do not think that will be a problem I carried 250 pounds on a carrier like that or a long time and no issues at all.. IN fact the only issues were BEFORE I put the weight on the carrier.

THat looks... Like a good job.  Only one suggestion. A bicycler lock to help the greerator stick to the rack.. Else it Grow legs.
Thanks for the comment. The generator is four corner bolted to the rack, it will not go anywhere. I hope the cable and locks keeps it from being stolen.
Looks great. Since the generator is bolted to the rack, put a spot weld on each nut. They will have to cut all 4 bolt off, or cut the receiver off.

I'm more interested in how the generator is working out?
I offset the weight of stuff I carry on my rear bumper when I'm not triple (or is it double) towing an ATV trailer with extra weight up front.  I have lots of golf cart batteries up front that weight quite a bit and don't notice the weight in back at all.

It is really not that noisy. Ran it today to test things out and about as loud as the Onan in my class A was. The living room is right next to the generator and the noise is not obnoxious. I could watch TV listen to stereo and hold a normal conversation. The generator also has shock mounts so there is no vibration introduced into the RV.
Utclmjmpr said:
Sure hope your out in the open and by yourself with that noisemaker.>>>D

Or back it up next to someone you would rather leave  ::)

LOL, looks great.  Make sure you have a lock on the receiver too.  I agree above, a small tack on the bolts.  You park that in a WalMart parking lot for a 10 minute stop, the $%%^$ (not good Wamart shoppers) will be looking at it
Here's something I did on my Can Am Spyder hitch so I can pull a trailer when needed or a small cooler on short trip. You can do the same. Have a welder attach 2 square tubing to the bumper, same size as the receiver then use two pieces of square tubing just small enough to fit inside and attach to your rack. This will definitively eliminate the rocking while the vehicle is moving. Works great for me.


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