MPG improvements for gas burners?

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Jan 4, 2006
I have a GMC 2500HD 6.0L 4X4 I am looking for some advice for improving the mileage and power as I will be towing a 5ver here in the near future. I have already Hyperteched the computer and was considering exhaust or intake spacer.Wondering if anyone has made improvements to their 6.0L and see how it worked. Thanks
I meant maybe a better flowing exhaust system (flowmaster,Gibson etc...) lower restriction muffler larger diameter pipe.The intake spacer would be like a Helix or Tornado that creates a voetex of the air entering the intake.Thanks for replying and maybe this will clear things up.Thanks Jason.

I can't speak for your particular engine/transmission/read-end ratios etc., but it's generally accepted that a freer-flowing exhaust can help increase power and economy, but only if the stock exhaust is not built or designed properly for your needs. My stock exhaust had severe restrictions where it crossed over form the passengers side to the driver side, so an aftermarket system made a lot of difference for me. Most reputable exhaust system builders will publish charts which show gains over the stock system throughout the rpm range. Siimply increasing the diameter of the pipes/mufflers can have a negative effect 'cause header pipe length and diameter needs to be tuned for a particular rpm range, and a certain amount of back-pressure is required for proper operation. Check with Heddman, Doug Thorley, and others for your specific needs.

Intake 'turbo's', like the Helix and Tornado, are generally thought to have no appreciable performance advantage. This has been proven by independent testing organizations, so don't rely on 'user comments/reports'  as they're usually all made up by the device manufacturer anyway. They typically create high and low pressure fuel/air layers (similar to those produced by a power boat propeller) , when what you really want is an even ratioed mixture of gas/air at the same pressure throughout the intake system and into the combustion chamber. A better use of your money would be for a good, low retriction air filter like the K&N, a performance chip tuner (caution - they can cause other problems) or, for best performance and economy, an add-on turbocharger. They're not cheap, but will give you the most bang for your buck - especially if you do a lot of mountain driving.   
Jason, I'm no techie and I don't have your engine.  But, I have an F-460 on my class A motorhome.  I had the Banks (they have a web site) PowerPack and TransCommand installed and I certainly have more power.  One advantage of this is that the package is designed for that specific engine (they have packages for other engines) and the tuning that Karl referes to has all been done and is incorporated into the design of the packages.


Workehorse just announced a new more powerful, more efficent, chassis for the upcoming model year.

It is identical to the one I have now save for tuned headers and exhaust
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