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Feb 25, 2012
St Cloud Florida USA
I am not a spring chicken. I have been a musician since the 50s. I play drums, keys, bass, guitar, ukulele and bass ukulele. I have owned a ton of equipment in my lifetime. Recently I bought the most incredible synthesizer/grand piano I can ever imagine.

It has a stereo amp built in that is very capable. I needed a small amp to power my Chromebook so I could play along with YouTube videos so I bought a Fender Champion 20 for $89 with not too much expectation. I am completely blown away. Not only is it loud and clean, it has an amazing array of special effects built in. Reverb, delay, wah, flange, chorus, etc. It has a whole bunch of cabinet presets built in. All of it is easy to use and understand. And it costs less than the first fuzz tone I bought. This thing is absolutely amazing.
It's amazing what they can pack into one of those small amps.

I was not a fan of the digital sound effect being built in but the manufactures are getting better at understanding what the end user wants......I wonder if the RV industry could learn something here.

Flashback to the 70's ...

A small amp cost 3 times as much and Weighed 3 times more.... But it came with a nice little hum ;D
The reason I bought a Fender was because about six months ago I bought a Fender Mustang GT100 amp it really blew me away. But for that price I was expecting to be blown away. It is controlled by an app on your smartphone and it is mind boggling. I think I had the same humming amp Gizmo had.
Rene T said:
Tom, do you ever play at sing-a-longs at the campground let's say around a fire?
That was the very first place I ever played a guitar. In 1965 I was a counselor at a church camp and we had a campfire sing along every night. There were four people who brought guitars and only three who were playing them so I picked up the unused guitar and copied the fingering of Laura who was sitting next to me. When I was traveling I had a small amp and an electric so I never got to play at campfires except in the Grand Canyon. The head ranger Marker hosted a music night at her house once a month for some of the rangers. They had a really bad music book and when they attempted to play Blackbird by playing chords it sucked. When it was over I played it for them exactly as it was on the record and they were shocked. Then they tried to play Imagine and when they were done I jumped on the piano and played it note for note. They thought I was a musical genius. They were easily deceived since they were all beginners. Here is one session I recorded:
Rene T said:
Awesome Tom. Do you play at the CG you're at now?
I recently sold all my guitars. I am guitarless now for the first time since 1965. I lost interest in playing guitar after I got my first uke. I had not played for an hour in the last three years so I sold them so I would have more room. I play my drums every day and my piano most days and sometimes my bass uke and sometimes my uke. But always by myself indoors with headphones on. I haven't found anyone who wants to play with me. :-[
Congrats. Fender makes good equipment for the price. I have one of their guitar (combo) amps and one of their stereo PA systems. Great for personal or small venue use.

I lost interest in playing guitar after I got my first uke ... I sold them so I would have more room.

My first ukulele solved my need for a small portable instrument approx 8 years ago. But, the uke collection grew to 9, including various sizes/#strings/tuning and a banjo uke, in addition to a full-size plectrum banjo. Playing a baritone uke soon led the migration to guitar and less space. Taylor travel guitars solved that issue, and the full-size guitars stay at our S & B home bases in CA and OH. Haven't figured out how to sneak one of the keyboards into the coach without the driver complaining, although I used to take one of the Yamahas along on the boat (more space and storage than the coach).
Actually it is not so much that I lost interest in playing guitar, it is just that I can't practice too many different instruments per day. About three is my maximum. When I was younger I used to practice guitar at least six hours a day but now I just don't have the energy.
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