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Mar 11, 2005
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I had been threatening for months to jettison my 3 year old 20 gig Creative Jukebox in favor of the 20 gig iPod.  Finally did it yesterday, using the funds I received for some old ham gear (SB220 linear amp, gin pole, climbing belt, dip meter, 2 meter rig, etc). 

I like the user interface but I was surprised to be disappointed by certain aspects.  Apple must have some sort of deal with music providers that has caused them to make certain operations difficult.

On my old jukebox I could easily move files in either direction.  But it appears to move files from the iPod to the PC requires 3rd party products.

Also I could directly delete items on the jukebox, either via PC software or directly on the jukebox menu.  Unless I am missing something, Apple does not allow this.

Yesterday, just playing around and learning, I downloaded several folders of photos (I have the new color gen 5 version) onto the iPod.  Then I suddenly realized they were consuming 18 of the 20 gigs.  Expecting to just go in and delete them, I found the only way to get rid of them was to auto synch a small folder, thus directing iTunes to delete the iPod photos not finding a synch match. 

First I tried synching to an empty folder because I do not want any photos for the time being on the iPod.  I guess the iPod though it was helping me by telling me it could not synch until it had photos to synch.  So for now I have to synch to a folder containing just one photo.

I find this ridiculous, but talking to some iPod owners who never owned anything else, they see it as the normal way to do things.

I am open to any tips from anyone who can relate to my concerns. I want to be able to move files back and forth easily between iPod and PC, and to have hassle free ways of deleting files on the iPod.

My normal mode has always been NOT to synch.  Instead I keep a master database of music on my PC, and then download to the mp3 player whatever music I want active.  I do keep large amounts of music on the mp3 player, but I am not anal about insisting that it match exactly what is on the PC.  I actually have 3 master databases... my operative one, a backup on another hard drive, and occasional archive backups on DVD. 

I am interested in learning the tricks of the trade in the iPod world.

I found a very nice wireless link that plugs into my cigarette lighter.  It has a docking station for the iPod on a swivel base.  Gives full digital readout in easy to read size, of the frequency in use.  Can use any frequency, not limited to a few.  Will memorize favorite frequencies.  Also charges the iPod while in use.

For some reason the modify icon did not appear on the previous message.? Not sure why.

Just wanted to add a note to Russ to once again thank him for the Beethoven symphonies.? I have all 9 now on the iPod, and have edited out the preface comments so that it is now straight music.

I also found a spot on that BBC web site that supposedly offers all of the many Beethoven sonatas for listening.? However I cannot find any audio links.? I wonder if they removed the audio links or if something went wrong with the pc here?

The modify icons have reappeared.  Must have been a momentary glitch.

Just a minute ago I stumbled on a way to delete all photos from the iPod.  If I uncheck synchronize photos within the preference tab of iTune software it asks me if I want to delete all photos.  I said yes and voila.  Now the question becomes, how do I delete one or two selected photos.  Don't need to do that... just for future reference.
Smokey, I have used an iPod for a couple of years.  Since I am am Apple user, I have only tried to interface with a PC once, using a friend's PC.  That wasn't a good experience, but I assume that they have a better interface now (we were using a third party program at the time). At the time, the Creative system seemed a lot better, but it was a lot bigger.

My use has been only for music since I have an older black and white version and thus I just sync with the computer when I want to change songs. The song selection would seem to be easier on the computer where you have a keyboard and mouse to simplify navigation through the menus. You can get third party software to add to the pod if you want to do things other than view pictures and listen to music, but the keyboard interface would be a pain. I'll just use the computer for that or get a palm pilot.

For using the pod in the RV, I finally connected it to the aux RCA inputs on the back of the RV radio.  That was after trying an FM modulator setup and then a tape adapter.  The worst was the FM, since it was very inconsistent and it was difficult to find an unused frequency in northen California.

Smokey: "I like the user interface but I was surprised to be disappointed by certain aspects.  Apple must have some sort of deal with music providers that has caused them to make certain operations difficult."

True. Reports I have read say the DRM was forced on Apple by the music cartel to allow the iTunes/music store/iPod to exist. So, yes, you must depend on 3rd party programs to transfer iTunes files out of an iPod. For ordinary files, the iPod functions as a HD and bidirectional file transfer in OK.

I am still happy with my 1st generation 20 Gig iPod. I use it to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts over the RV dash radio via a hardwired stereo in plug.

My summer project is to transfer all of my books on audio cassettes to MP3 files. I am now up to 270 Gigs of music and books spread over 2 HDs. I anticipate having to buy some 400 Gig HDs the house the collection and it's backups.
Robert and Russ, thanks for the info.

Overall I am very happy, just miss some of the benefits the Creative offers.  iPod is by far an easier day to day interface and also much more compact.

Wow, Russ, that is some library.  I am up to about 50 gigs, almost all music, not counting my repetitive backups.  I haver a very long way to go to catch you. :eek:

I sure wish I had time to record to digital all my old classic and jazz analog LPs.  I am afraid I will have to just throw them away.  Part of the big leap to free oneself for the new life. 

All in all, I like the sense of freedom better than "stuff" though music to me is more than just stuff.  Before I decided on full timing, converting all my old LPs (many of them rare) was going to be a major retirement pastime.  I am hoping meeting new friends, seeing the "real" US of A, and having the freedom to wander and do as I please will more than make up for the lost music.

My dog thinks I definitely made the right choice.  The Admiral believes so to, but not quite as passionately as the dog.  ;D

Speaking of the Admiral, this afternoon she is testing out the washer/dryer for the second time.  Looks like it is going to be as successful as the first time.  That is adding some enthusiasm to her perspective of things.
Smokey:"I sure wish I had time to record to digital all my old classic and jazz analog LPs.  I am afraid I will have to just throw them away."

Burried deep in my storage locker is a box of LPs and a record turntable. If I ever dig deep enough to uncover them, I will transfer more stuff to the computer.
caltex said:
I have only tried to interface with a PC once, using a friend's PC.

Our niece bought a mini-iPod at Fry's this week. The PC interface is pretty slick and she was copying her CDs onto the iPod in no time. It's also very easy to select which songs to copy and which to ignore.
caltex said:
they have upgraded the software

They must have. After getting your songs onto the PC, it took us another 2 weeks to transfer your songs onto your iPod  ;D
I just bought myself an iPod mini, initially for the 6+ months of Podcasts I've accumulated and not listened to.  Using iTunes, transferring tracks to the iPod is quite easy.  I have it set to automatically sync to several playlists, one of which is my Podcasts, the others are music selections.  Set up the playlists in iTunes, plug in the iPod and the playlists are downloaded to the iPod.  Couldn't be simpler.
Podcasts are like an internet radio show.  Downloadable or streamed MP3 files.  The name comes from the fact that they are often played on an iPod but they can play on any MP3 player.  See for details.
Smoky:  Are you using iTunes to edit and/or delete on your iPod?  The stuff on the left is playlists.  In order to delete, you have to select items in the righthand column.  It makes quite a mess to delete the playlists on the left and not be able to find what you want on the right.  I think iTunes leaves a ton to be desired. 

In order to rip and code to MP3, I have to use Musicmatch, of which I recently downloaded the newest version.  I do this with books on CD from the library, so I can listen to them on my iPod without having to worry about finishing them within checkout times.  I have about 250 books collected.  I also have all my music on the 40gb iPod.  I've been eyeing the 60gb iPod photo for a while now.  I probably won't get it, as long as the 40gb can hold all the music and a book or two. 

I used to use the Personal Jukebox, which has a wonderful interface.  I tried a Creative Jukebox for about 5 minutes right after they came out.  Incredibly cumbersome menu system.  Gave it away.  Then I discovered that somebody wrote software to retrieve all my music off the Personal Jukebox, so I was able to transfer it to my iPod.  The iPod is so much smaller, even though the interface needs one more level. 


Yes I had been using iTunes.

I still have my Creative Jukebox and the associated software and like the interface MUCH better than iTunes and the iPod.

However, nothing can beat the compact size of the iPod so I will stick with it.? I just felt fooled by all the magazine critics who raved about the iPod interface.? I wonder how many of them ever actually tried Creative?? Creative lets you do so much MORE than iPod.

At any rate I am now in the iPod world.

Yes I also use matchbox and think it does the best ripping.? I have the plus version of it on each of my computers.

Where do you find books?? I would like to try a few.? However that might make me regret not getting a bigger iPod.? ?:(

Smoky - currently parked in Lothian MD
Smoky said:
Creative lets you do so much MORE than iPod.

Smoky, having used both, I'm at a loss to understand your comment. My system is Creative while my niece recently bought a mini-iPod. I found the iPod software (iTunes?) so much easier and quicker. There were also a few things I could do with iTunes that I can't do with Creative. (Maybe I have an old version?)

I'm interested in your comment about the Creative player because I've been giving serious consideration to getting one.  The reason is because I currently have Creative Mediasource installed on my desktop which I use to manage my music.  I like the software so much that  I have been persuaded to get one of their players which I assume uses the same software in the that correct?

How is the size of the Ipod that much different and so much of an advantage from the Creative Zen player to make you keep the Ipod if you don't like the interface?
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