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Aug 29, 2006
We are thinking about spending some time in the Myrtle Beach area next February.  Do we need to make reservations or will we find plenty of room?  We are considering one of the State Parks.  We camp in a Bigfoot TT.  I emailed one of the State Parks for this information but never received and answer.

Ron and Sandy
Leesburg, VA
You should have no problem finding camping site in February. Weather can vary from high temp of 70's to 30's just depending on the weather fronts. I am not familar with state parks at the beach but S. C. has some wonderful state park camp sites. visit their web site for more info.
Please use this link? for a website of RV Parks in SC. ??

At the bottom of the page is a list of ones in Myrtle Beach, SC with links to each Park's website.? Check them out.? We have stayed at the Lakewood Campground (over 300+ siites) and had a spot on the front row just across the street from the Pool and Ocean. Very nice.? Ocean Lakes and Pirates Cove are very similar and all three of the Parks are next to one another. I believe Pirates Cove has a water park but not sure it would be open in February. You should have no problem finding space in February.

We go for Bike Week in May.? I would not hesitate to recommend anyone of the above mentioned camp grounds.

Good luck

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Myrtle Beach SP is a great place to camp in Feb. We used to go there every year between christmas and
New Years. It is in the trees and behind the dunes, so you are protected from the wind off the ocean.
The down side is you may have trouble getting a sat. signal there if that is a high priorty for you.


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