NADA guide missing Fleetwood products

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Mar 27, 2005
Anyone know why the NADA guide doesn't list Fleetwood?  We are looking at a 2004 Fleetwood Revolution and I need somewhere to get a feel for what it is worth.
Thanks, Ron.  For some reason I was having a brain malfunction and trying to look under Fleetwood instead of Revolution.  It never dawned on me to do that even though I've been researching Allegro RVs and never did look under Tiffin.  Well, I guess not all of us can be the sharpest ax in the woodshed!
Just FYI. I'm in the midst of searching to purchase our first MH (Sold our Toy Hauler) and our bank uses Kelley Blue Book (for used units). Found out that most insurance companies and banks also only rely on KBB. Nada is way off on most units, sometimes 25% too high on the wholesale, (or low retail as they call it) and sometimes 25% lower. When it comes to an insurance claim (fire, theft, accident -totaled) they will use KBB. I also read that because KBB is not available online (like Nada) and Nada is usually too high on the wholesale (low retail), dealers are loving this, because they can get more for units than they should be. I went to my local library (reference section, you have to ask the clerk for the book as its not on the floor) and made many pages of copies (you can't buy this book anywhere either unless you want a years subscription @ $84 for 3 books per year). Wow, what a difference in pricing. Just FYI
I went to and found cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles etc but no RVs.  What is the site for RVs?  Thanks.
I've never been able to fing the Fleetwood Coronado either.

Just go to, select the Recreational Vehicle guide and look under "C" for Coronado.  The other Fleetwood brands are also listed under their brand name rather than under "Fleetwood".

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