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Jul 1, 2006
Land of Lincoln
Does anyone name their RV's, such as the fashion that people name their boats?  I always like to check out the creative names of boats on the water, and my wife wants to name our motorhome whenever we get one.  It seems appropriate that we should name our land cruisers similarly to the water cruisers, but I've never heard of reference to it before.
Sure, some name their RVs.

Ours is the Smoky Joe II, name after our first MH the Smoky Joe, which was named after one of our cats. The cat was one of the reasons to buy a MH. He hated riding in the van and being transferred to the trailer, then back to the van and etc on a multi-stop trip. So we bought a 36ft diesel MH to appease the cat. Seemed to make sense to name the thing after him! VBG

We want to name our MH just as we do our boat, but we are just not agreeing on a name.

Great post would love to hear what others have named their MH's, etc.

I've seen RV's with names but we haven't named ours yet ::) Kicked around a few possibilities but haven't agreed yet. As Colleen said, it will be interesting to see what folks have named their rig.
For names of older Blue Bird Wanderlodges, go to the Vintage Birds web site,, and click on NAMES.  I.E., This Ole House, Alaska Brrrrd, Ludicrous, to name a few. <grin>
We are not naming ours as it is our home.

Charles Herbert Chinook (Charlie Chinook for short). Guess who the manufacturer was.  Hint - my SUV is named Herman Bartholemew Tahoe!
We didn't know what to name it, so we just call it Fred
Our's has afew names  depending on how the day's going ::)
Gee, I wonder if they are the same as mine...

On a good day it's nice names

And when "Stuff happens"

The names tend to be what used to be called "Unprintable" or ()!&)!(*!)@(*$)!(@! for short
I tried calling ours "Harvey", but wife's not buying it.
We name all our vehicles, cars as well as RVs. The current motorhome, a Winnebago, is called Winnie....NOT because it's a Winnebago but because I love Winnie Ther Pooh. Can't talk to it or curse it if it hasn't got a name.

~Back home in Cortez, Colorado, but ready to head out again~
Okay, let me step the question up a bit... for those that do name their RV's (something other than swear words ;) ), has anyone actually had the name affixed to the rear end or elsewhere (like a boat)?  If so I'd love to see some photos...
Mine is named Pace Arrow  Wish it had nothing on it  Cause they don't pay me for advertising for them.  Also hate those Dealer emblems on autos.      Same for boats  I've had a dozen or so boats over the years and no names on them.  Just not my cup of tea.  To each his own.
Okay by "names" I mean something personal and meaningful... not some dealer/manufacturer advertising as you mentioned.  ;)  P.S. I agree with you 100% on that, none of my cars have any dealer markings of any kind.
Our boat is named "One More Time" due to when we're skiing and worn out and fall, we always have to say OK, one more time.

We are currently looking for our first MH and will likely name it the same, as in lets go on a trip one more time. We'll see.
We have a Bigfoot TT.  It is white, so what else could it be but an abominable snowwoman, Ms Yeti.  (Of course its a "she", just like a boat)  We were able to get "MS YETI"  on our Virginia license tag also.  It isn't really abominable, we love it.  Our tow vehicle, a Nissan Armada, is "Big A"

Ron and Sandy
Leesburg, VA

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