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Apr 25, 2010
Mayfield Hts., OH
I need access to the internet (for work) while camping.  So usually my wife and I camp where there is wifi.  I would like to visit places that don't have wifi.  Also, I don't want to carry a laptop around if we go for a little hike or out to lunch and smart phone screens are a little too small. I have a dumb phone with an at&t plan that they don't even carry any more. What are my options? I'm thinking tablet but ipad's are so expensive!
I have a 3G Chromebook that I have been using the last six months. It is an Internet only machine. It is not a computer. All you can do is surf the web. It works on Wifi or 3G. To use the 3G feature you sign up with Verizon and you can buy one month of one gig for $20, 3 gigs for $35 and 5 gigs for $50. It has an 11 inch screen and a real keyboard. Very light weight and the battery lasts 8 hours.
To meet your requirements, a tablet with a cellular modem would work best.  There are lots of Android tablets that cost far less than an iPad.  Verizon Wireless had a selection of Samsung Galaxy tablets that would fit your needs.  Verizon had arguably the best cellular coverage for data.  And the tablets also have WiFi so can be used when that's available without using any of your data plan bytes.
Coach_Frank said:
Thanks Tom.  By the way, what is that picture in your avatar?
I bought this cute little P&S underwater camera for my trip to Disney World and it has a bunch of special effects built in. The one I used on the avatar is a fisheye setting.
Or get a wifi-only tablet plus a smart phone and use the smartphone to provide wifi to the tablet when away from the campground or other wifi source. Or get a "Mifi" cellular internet hotspot to use as your internet service and let tablet or PC connect through it.  Which method is best depends on your needs and budget.  It is most convenient to have every device have its own internet connection, but that is usually the most expensive option as well.

Verizons "share' plans may make it cost effective to have both a tablet and a smartphone each with their own internet.
nuevomex said:
And what do you do to connect to Internet when you are somewhere that has no cellular phone coverage without going to global sat?

If you're this far away, you're there for a get away from it all.  Leave the technology behind when you go here.  Enjoy some peace and quiet. 
If you want internet all the time, anywhere except under tree cover...Satellite is your only option.
SeilerBird: The Verizon website tells me that 1GB (one month) costs $50. How do you get it for $20?

We use a Verizon can hook up to 10 devices. It costs 20.00 per months for 5 gigs.
Elly Dalmaijer said:
SeilerBird: The Verizon website tells me that 1GB (one month) costs $50. How do you get it for $20?
I used to have a 3g air card from Verizon and it was $50 per month for 5 gigs. Then I upgraded to  a 4G air card and it was still $50 for 5 gigs. Now I have a Chromebook and it is $20 for a gig, $35 for 3 gigs and $50 for 5 gigs. I just added 3 gigs this morning and it cost $35.

I have never heard of Verizon charging $50 for a gig. Can you provide a link?

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