Need CG or RV Park Recommendation for Amarillo, TX area

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.

Amarillo, TX is a stop for us on our way to New Mexico. Any recommendations(or warnings) for CGs or RV parks?

LIz, Overnite is  a very adequate park for stopover. They have free wifi and its easy to get in and out. Sites will handle your rig fine. There is Flying J and couple of other truck stops at same exit.

I have stayed there a couple of times over the years.


Passport America - $10

No reservations, no clerk, no bathrooms - put your $ in an envelope & park it.

Full hookups - fine for overnight.
Just be careful of the Flying J  That's where I drove off and left my wife-- unless that's your intention.  Bumps on the noggin are finally starting to decrease and return to natural color.
WalMart off the interstate. 

Easy access and convenient to restaurants.  We were in a storm and pulled in there in 2003 when were returning from our summer long trailer adventure.  When we pulled in, there was only one other RVer.  When we stepped out 45 minutes later after the storm passed, there were more than 30 RVs.  What a nice group of people.  We all stood around and chatted about the storm, our travels and more.

Just a few minutes down the road was that famous Amarillo restaurant were you could get a free steak (if you had a large enough belly).  We ended up passing that famous place by and went another block or so and ate at one of the best sushi restaurants in America.  Can you imagine getting fine sushi in Amarillo Texas? 

Amarillo by Morning (up from San Antone).  ;D

We stayed at a great campground in Albuquerque the day before.  I cannot remember the name of it but it is just outside of Albuquerque on the west side and you can see it from the Interstate.  Nice pool, jacuzzi, asphalt pads with little grass plots.  We stayed 3 days there and took a ride up to Sante Fe and lunch at Garbiels meeting a Sante Fe friend.  Garbiels is by far the best Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten in within the United States.  Anyone else know that place?

Texas RV Ranch is about 1/4th mile west of the Big Texan Steak House on I-40.  On the 4th of January rates with SKP discount was 21.00. Nice park.
A bit S of town is a scenic state park down in a canyon:

Palo Duro SP
50 amp/water/dump stations/big rigs
Ditto the Amarillo Ranch RV  Park...really nice long sites for an overnight.
Also, agree to take the toad to the Palo Duro Canyon area while's amazing to find it in the middle of nowhere!

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