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Aug 19, 2005
NW Louisiana
Not sure if I need to apologize about asking for more info on a 5er purchase, but I have some specific needs that need to be addressed and I thank all for the info in advance ...

Here's the story ... My son is buying my home/property.? My plan is to purchase a 5er and live on the property ...(have a slab poured/power pole/etc ...)? Look for another piece of property to eventually build on but will have my home to live in while the process is underway.?

What I need guidance on or THINGS TO MAKE SURE I DO....DON'T DO!

Brands to consider in mid/high end price range (will probably buy used to avoid depreciation pitfall)

I want to be set up for full time living in this unit with washer/dryer, etc.... but in the future be able to move my home to a new location and eventually on the road now and then when the choice for a permanant residence is reached.

BTW ... I currently have a 2005 F250 Super Duty Long bed 4X4 Diesel that would be used at the present time to just move the 5er to it's location. (If I purchase something larger than my present? towing capability, I have no problem upgrading the tow vehicle at a later date I get on the road in the future)?

Can you throw out some ideas or pros/cons to anything that would seem to be of obvious concern to me in my new endeavor!? ?Thanks again in advance for the knowledge available here!

Keystone Everest makes very nice 5W. Jayco Designer Series are nice. SeeYa Alpha Gold are very nice, but a bit too pricy for me. When looking for one, ask if it preped for a washer and dryer. The washer/dryer I've looked at (new) are a bit more that just a good home washing machine but with a lot less capacity. Our trailer is preped, but as much as we use it, it is cheaper just to bundle up and head to a local laundromat. Of the 3 I've mentioned above, with your F250, the Jayco is probably the only one your truck will safely handle. My Everest had a pin weight of almost 2300 pounds which is way under my truck capacity, but I'm within about 4000 pounds of my gross combined weight rating of 26,000 pounds. Best of luck

Thanks for the input Larry ...

I was wondering about the washer/dryer setup ... I was trying to avoid using anything in the home that I would be moving out of (washer/dryer included) although my son would not object ... I would be trying to make this setup as privacy conscious as I can.  I really don't have much to wash since MY laundry would be the only stuff I would use the combo for .... the thought of going to a laundrymat after all these years of doing it at home doesn't appeal to me, unless I was doing it on a temporary basis while on the road, etc....

As far as the brands ... I have looked at the Jayco and really liked them.  There is a dealer near a place we camped in Longview, Texas .... I was ready to pull one off the lot that day but at the time we were looking at toyhaulers.  I am looking more for a place to live and not necessary haul the toys off for the weekend like we do now with the K-Z.

Any other suggestions from anyone? ;D
Take a look at TETON. They make one of very high end 5'ers along with Newmar. We had a TETON before we got our MH and really liked it. Be forwarned, though, either brand will require a new truck because they are HEAVY, but very nice. Both will undoubtly come with a Washer/Dryer unit. We had one and it was great.

I have not been able to look at either of those models in person, but agree from the info I have read and the pics I have seen that they look great! 

I was wondering if I would be able to use my current rig to move the 5er to my home, empty ... so to speak?  Since I feel the need for a larger unit to live in full time, I was afraid that my towing capacity would be exceeded.  Can I just move the 5er from point A to point B empty?  :-\

Any comments on the Forest River line?
Overloaded is overloaded weather you move a foot or a mile.. If the truck is over gross, you are taking a risk with any move. Look on the door sticker and see what the CGVW rating is and then subtract the weight of the truck. That's then the maximum weight trailer you can legally haul.  The truck will undoubtedly haul more but I would recommend you play it  safe and pay to have the  trailer moved. Fines for over gross are very, very large.


I really do know better...always have been one to not take any chances when it comes to that type thing ... the info I have about tow limit on my F250 is 15,700, so ...   
I know towing capacity is a major HOT topic for everyone, especially if you're fairly new to "hauling" like we are!

BTW ... I frequently look at the PPL site for exposure to all the brands available, and prices .... any feedback on that or other sites I could visit for more info ...  Hopefully I will be purchasing a unit soon (waiting for house sale to go through) and I'm trying to line up some places to look ... I live in NW Louisiana (Shreveport, to be exact) and need to know about other resources for purchase.  We have several large RV places here and in the surrounding area .... just trying to narrow my choices down according to the brands I would like to consider and visit those dealers.

Still looking for some feedback on the Forest River Line!!!  Anybody?????

I suggest you also look at the Holiday Rambler Presidential series, the Carri-lite series by Carriage, Alfa by Alfa Leisure, and the Torrey Pine and Kountry Star trailers by Newmar. They all have some very nice models, splendidly equipped for full time living.


PPL is a slick sales outfit - be careful of their ads and any statements by their sales people. The deal mostly in consignment sales.


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