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david Petersen

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Jul 27, 2018
New on the forum, hope someone can help...  I've called several RV parts suppliers and none of them have been able to get what I need.

2000 Lance Camper with Duo Therm Dometic Penguin AC unit.

Looking for control board made by A-1 Components, 3106996.030HP/HS

Seems this is a discontinued part, so I'd be happy to get newer replacement part (whatever that is)

Anybody got a cross-reference number?

David In Seattle
I just replaced a Dometic Penquin A/C because of a bad compressor.

I pulled out the control box with all the wiring and the motor and squirrel cage.

It is for a model that is only about 5 years old.

Here are some pictures of the control box.

If it is the same one then you are in luck and just scored a free one.


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Took better pictures of the board.

The date on the capacitor in the picture of the original box is Jan 15 2013


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The A/C units also require the newer digital thermostat or a conversion kit.

It is also for a heat pump / heat strip unit that seems to maybe match the last digits on your part number "HP/HS"

The two black sheathed cables are for the A/C in and the other is for the DC power and the control wires from the thermostat.

The loose colored wired are for internal connection for the motor, compressor, etc.

You might be able to replace the entire box as the wiring must not have changed that much.  The digital thermostat can replace the existing one.
Perhaps these links might help?

Hammster said:
Perhaps these links might help?

Good information,  That looks like the correct part and at $31 it is probably better than even the shipping cost for the bigger box.  It kind of was a crap shoot as to if the newer control box would work and would at least need the digital thermostat.
Thanks everyone. I ordered the used control panel from ebay.  Worth a try.

Another question, in the event that I need to replace the AC unit.

What's the difference between a "ducted" AC unit and a "non-ducted" AC unit.

The AC fits on the roof of the Lance camper.  Can I assume that I have a non-ducted unit because it only blows air from the inside (bottom) panel and doesn't blow air into any of the heater ducts?
So I ordered the used control panel from E-bay, and my credit card immediately started getting fraudulent CC charges in China.  We'll see how that plays out. 

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