Need help with an RV that will tow a trailer and truck.

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Jun 28, 2006
Hi, I hope this is the right place to post.  My family and I have a truck we show at truck shows and would like to have an RV to tow it on a trailer.  Truck and trailer combined weight is around 6000 LBS.

We have been told many different things by dealers but none are the same and this leaves us very puzzled.  We were wondering about a Fleetwood 29J on a Ford Chassis, just from our search and what we think we gathered by all the different answers.

The motor home would have to sleep 4 people since we have 2 small children.

Any help or suggestions would be Very Welcome  and Wonderful.

Thank You

You don't say weather you are looking for new or used, open or enclosed trailer.  Also the amount of $ you are willing  to spend.  For instance You can go from Used at 25 to 50 K for gassers Used to 300K for new Deisel 40'.  Example I have overkill on an Enclosed trailer to haul a Lincoln Town Car in, plus the 37' Ford with Banks Pak  With the overall length 65'  Makes it real interesting sometimes when I fuel up if its not at a Flying J pull-thru. A 30 or 32 footer would do the job. and give you more flexibility for manuvering.  Yet, like us with a tag axle you are much more stable on the road.  Good luck and I'm sure you'll find one to suit you. Also you will need a heavier hitch than the naormal 5K  Ours is beefed up to 20K.
As far as towing the truck & trailer is concerned, you need to become knowledgeable about two factors: Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) and Hitch Rating.

The maximum weight a motorhome can tow is limited by the GCWR, which is the maximum combined weight of the motorhome (fully loaded for travel, including passenges) and the trailer with whatever it carries (your 6000 lb load). You need to estimate the actual weight of the motorhome with all your stuff and your family in it, including any water and LPG you carry (water is heavy!).  It is generally best to assume the motorhome will be fairly near its own Maxmum Gross Weight Rating (GVWR), but sometimes a smaller one will be considerably under its GVWR.

The hitch rating is the maximum weight the trailer hitch is designed for. Regardless of the GCWR, you cannot tow more than the hitch is rated for.  On many gas motorhomes, especially smaller ones, the receiver which holds the hitch is often rated at 4000-5000 lbs. This is obviously a problem for your 6000+ lb trailer. You may have to have the receiver hitch beefed up by a professional shop to tow that much weight.  Larger diesel powered motorhomes may have receiver hitches capable of 10,000 lbs.

Get all the numbers for the rigs you are looking at. The motorhome's GVWR, GCWR, CCC and UVW (Unladen Vehicle Weight) will be posted on a large sticker somewhere inside - have the salesman find it for you. Do not accept the salesman estimate - ask to see the posted figures and copy them down and post them here sowe can advise you.  The hitch rating won't be on that poster, though, so ask about that separately. You may have to look thorugh the brochures are check the motorhome manufacturers web site for the receive hitch rating for that model.
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